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How black marble adds beauty to your home?
A majority of modern homeowners and designers have a penchant for black color. It highlights alluring tales to our minds while capturing our attention like no other. The utilizatio...
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What is marble used for?
People love to use marble to decorate their homes because it is a stone that can be used in many ways. Marble has been used in decoration and architecture since the dawn of time be...
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How to choose the right marble for your home?
Marble is a type of metamorphosed limestone that appears as a beautiful natural stone to up the existing décor of any home. Having existed in the field of art & architecture for se...
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How to choose Kitchen countertops?
Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be challenging. However, before we splurge on such a major update, we will help you understand some of the top kitchen countertop material...  
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Modern Staircase Design Ideas for Your Home
As a crucial element in any house, coming across the right modern staircase design ideas is a vital task. Stairways, in any household, need to balance style and functionality. Thes...  
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What is Composite Marble?
The flawless beauty of marble has made it one of the most sought-after design options for consumers out there. The state-of-the-art and intrinsic design is enhanced with the help o...  
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What are the advantages of white quartz for kitchen countertops?
The kitchen is the heart of any home. You will spend a good amount of time in this integral space. Therefore, it ought to flaunt your personality and creativity. Whether you are co...  
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Identifying Genuine Marble for Home Applications
Do you wish to design a spectacular, functional space for your house? While designing any home space, the surfaces remain the primary focus of all homeowners. A well-designed home...  
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Engineered Marble Vs Natural Marble
Marble is one of the stylistic additions to home decoration. Buyers increasingly prefer the elegance of marble to give their homes a rich look. Imagine buying a marble that is very...  
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What type of marble is best for bathrooms?
The earliest of use of marble can be dated back to over 2000 years, by the Greeks and Romans. The material is so resistant that even today archaeologists keep finding different str...  
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Which are the types of marbles best-suited for flooring?
Marble is most often used for flooring. Various marble colours can be easily found on the floors of many spaces. As one of the leading marble makers in India, we at Johnson Marble....  
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4 Modern applications of marble stone for beautiful home decor
When it comes to beautiful, luxurious materials for your kitchen, bathroom, and general home renovations, perhaps nothing can surpass marble stone. This timeless material has been...  
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10 Benefits of installing composite quartz countertops
Although Granite has been the preferred choice for customers as far as kitchen countertops are concerned, composite is slowly but steadily taking over this space. However, it makes...  
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5 Amazing facts about Engineered Stone Cladding
What is Stone Cladding? Stone cladding refers to the practice of adding a stone veneer or layer to an existing surface made of any material other than stone. Stone cladding can be...  
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What are the most common uses for composite quartz in the kitchen?
Quartz is a highly versatile material with umpteen uses in daily life. With modern technological interventions, Johnson Marble & Quartz has created a high-quality composite quartz.  
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Go green with engineered marble
What is engineered marble? Engineered marble is a recycled natural stone. It is crushed, pressed, heated and mixed with a really small amount of resin. Unlike natural stone which i...  
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