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Top Marble Suppliers and Manufacturers in Mumbai
Choosing the right architectural materials is important for building a house. The best quality building materials add beauty to the house and reduce the risk of damage. Many people...
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Stairs Marble Design: All You Need to Know
A beautiful staircase design can transform the ambience of your home interior. Many high-end houses have marble stone stairs that accentuate the beauty of the interior space. Marbl...
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Difference Between Quartz & Marble Effect
Marble and quartz are commonly used stones to beautify bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Both these stones are elegant and have an aesthetic effect. However, though they appear simila...
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Brown Marble uses & applications
Have you thought of transforming your home by installing marble stones in different places? Choosing the right coloured engineered stones is important for improving the aesthetic v...
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16 Helpful Tips for Keeping Your Marble Surfaces Pristine
Marble, with its timeless beauty and elegant appeal, has been a preferred choice for interior design for centuries. From stunning countertops to luxurious flooring, marble surfaces...
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Why is artificial marble a better choice than natural marble?
The proper materials must be selected when creating and renovating spaces. A new competitor to marble, also known as engineered stone, has developed due to technological breakthrou...
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Types of marble with unique features
With its eternal beauty and adaptability, marble, an excellent natural stone, has captured the attention of the entire globe. Marble has been utilized in architectural marvels,scul...
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Makrana marble- the pros and cons
Makrana marble is a world-renowned natural stone that has graced many notable constructions for millennia. Makrana marble, renowned for its high quality and stunning beauty, has co...
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Italian marble v/s engineered Marble
For generations, homeowners have chosen Marble as their material of choice, and for good reason. It is the ideal material for floors, countertops, and even furniture because of its...
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Marble Stairs Designs you will love in 2023
Welcome to the world of grandeur and opulence! What image of a magnificent residence does your mind immediately conjure up? Are you thinking of pristine decor, first-rate furniture...
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Wall Stone Cladding Ideas In Interior Design
So you want to add a rustic vibe to your interior design? Consider installing stone cladding- a well-liked interior design craze that is currently a hot trend in the market. Interi...
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Quartz Stone Colours for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations
Have you thought of remodelling or reconstructing your kitchen and bathroom? Many homeowners have chosen quartz stone for their countertops. But, which countertop colour will be a...
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Trends in Quartz Countertops 2023
Do you like to create the best layout for your kitchen? Perhaps, no kitchen layout plan is successful without considering a countertop. You might have come across different materia...
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Marble Stairs in Modern Architecture
The aesthetics of marble is really undeniable. Resistant to breaking and scratching, marble is the most commonly used stone for interior design and architectural purposes. Have you...
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How to decorate with black marble : Ideas and tips
Do you like to create a contemporary design for your home interior? Installing gorgeous marble stones is a good decision. However, some homeowners like to stick to neutral shades w...
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Comparing quartz slabs to other popular countertop
Your bathroom and kitchen are the most important areas in your house. Have you noticed one similarity between these rooms? Both need countertops installed for different purposes. A...
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Beige marble - complete details
Beige marble may be the best option if you're seeking a traditional and timeless material for your home...
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Artificial marble in Bathroom
It makes sense why marble has been a popular building material for so long. It is a natural stone that is stunning and long-lasting, making it the perfect material for bathrooms. T...
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Use Quartz & Marble Stone Architectural Features
In recent years, interior designing has become an essential aspect of home décor. With many people spending more time at their houses, a comfortable and stylish living space has be...
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Composite Quartz: The Next Big Stone Material?
When designing or renovating a house, there are countless options available. And choosing the best material is not such an easy task. There are many factors which you will have to...
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Types of marbles and their applications
Marbles can deliver a natural charm to a space. If you like to make your room luxurious, it is good to invest in marble. It is a perfect way to add some majestic touches to your ro...
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Marble flooring design ideas that you can use in your home
Your home has a lot to say about who you are and your values. Your living is the place where a majority of people are welcome. This place must be as welcoming as it can be. A luxur...
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How to use quartz for walls and home decors
Are you familiar with quartz jewelry, watches, and other handicrafts? However, you can also use this natural stone to improve your home decor. Whether you desire sophisticated blue...
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Stainfree kitchen with quartz slabs
If you plan to remodel your kitchen countertop, you could install a slab made of composite quartz stone. This makes your countertop durable and gives your kitchen a chic and modern...
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The versatility of marble flooring: From traditional to modern styles
If you want to give your home a modern and chic look, you can install marble flooring in the living and bedrooms of your home. Marble flooring can instantly transform the appearanc...
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How can White Marble Add Elegance to Your Home Decor?
Marble is never going out of style. It is a timeless luxury that is purely elegant. This year, marble home decor is becoming a trend and it is going to last for long. Marble -espec...
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Importance of Wall Cladding for Upgrading the Beauty of Your Home
Modern architecture is undergoing rapid improvement and revolutionization in terms of the materials used and the overall art. One of the most popular revolutions in terms of contem...
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Premium Quartz Countertops ideas in India for 2023
Quartz countertops are regarded as the most functional and beautiful upgrade to any home design. When you opt for premium-grade engineered quartz countertop, you will get the optio...
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Black Marble for Countertops and Stone Claddings
Black marble is one of the most sought-after materials for floorings, countertops, and stone claddings. It is also utilized as a complement to furniture. The elegance and exclusivi...
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The most elegant way to decorate wall is by using Elemente
Walls form an integral part of any home decor. In addition to providing the much-needed security and privacy, decorative walls can also help in improving the overall aesthetics in...
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How to Determine Composite Marble Price for Your Project?
Composite marble or artificial marble is a human-made alternative to natural marble. It serves to be an attractive option to enhance the beauty as well as functionality of your acc...
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Calculating the Installation Price of Engineered Quartz Countertops in Your Home
Are you ready to bring about a comprehensive kitchen renovation or install a brand-new engineered quartz countertop? Engineered quartz stone is indeed a luxurious choice for your s...
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Here's How You Can Use artificial Marble in Unconventional Ways in Your Home
Do you adore the timeless beauty of marble while feeling restricted by limited ways you can use it in your house décor? Well, not anymore! With the advent of high-end trends like a...
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Engineered Marble - The best Man Made Stone for Home Decor
Have you heard of engineered marble or artificial marble? It is one of the best durable alternatives to natural marble stone while offering a wide range of aesthetic and functional...
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How Can Interiors Designs Be Made Green with Composite marble stone?
Environmental and ecological awareness is making its way into interior design to a greater extent. Therefore, nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners and designers are shiftin...
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The future of Quartz stone in interior Design
As quartz continues growing in the overall popularity amongst consumers and the design community, what is the future of quartz stone in interior design? Interior designs have the p...
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How can Composite Marble Elevate Your Home Interiors?
With the subtle beauty and sparkle of marble, there are several classy ways in which marble can be incorporated into the entire home decor to brighten up your home. Marble is polis...
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Top Marble Trends for Future Designs
Don't you want your home to be ultra-luxurious, and above all, a divine space wherein you can unwind peacefully? The exquisite collection of design and architecture with marble has...  
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What is the difference between granite and marble?
While choosing materials for your home design, some of the leading options available out there are granite and marble. These are available as natural stones. However, you can lever...  
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Why you should move up your countertops to quartz?
Stone countertops can help in adding immense value to your property -when installed properly. Whether or not you plan at reselling your home in the future, an all-new countertop wi...  
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4 Advantages of engineered marble stairs
What is engineered marble? Engineered Marble is essentially a mixture of natural minerals like calcite, combined with colour pigments, molded and baked with specially-blended polye...  
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Add stylish touches with engineered marble to your home spaces
Very few materials create a feeling of opulence in home design; engineered marble is the best of them. Elegant, versatile and abundantly beautiful, engineered marble is used in bat...  
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Go green with engineered marble
What is engineered marble? Engineered marble is a recycled natural stone. It is crushed, pressed, heated and mixed with a really small amount of resin. Unlike natural stone which i...  
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What are the most common uses for composite quartz in the kitchen?
Quartz is a highly versatile material with umpteen uses in daily life. With modern technological interventions, Johnson Marble & Quartz has created a high-quality composite quartz.  
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5 Amazing facts about Engineered Stone Cladding
What is Stone Cladding? Stone cladding refers to the practice of adding a stone veneer or layer to an existing surface made of any material other than stone. Stone cladding can be...  
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10 Benefits of installing composite quartz countertops
Although Granite has been the preferred choice for customers as far as kitchen countertops are concerned, composite is slowly but steadily taking over this space. However, it makes...  
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4 Modern applications of marble stone for beautiful home decor
When it comes to beautiful, luxurious materials for your kitchen, bathroom, and general home renovations, perhaps nothing can surpass marble stone. This timeless material has been...  
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Which are the types of marbles best-suited for flooring?
Marble is most often used for flooring. Various marble colours can be easily found on the floors of many spaces. As one of the leading marble makers in India, we at Johnson Marble....  
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What type of marble is best for bathrooms?
The earliest of use of marble can be dated back to over 2000 years, by the Greeks and Romans. The material is so resistant that even today archaeologists keep finding different str...  
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Engineered Marble Vs Natural Marble
Marble is one of the stylistic additions to home decoration. Buyers increasingly prefer the elegance of marble to give their homes a rich look. Imagine buying a marble that is very...  
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Identifying Genuine Marble for Home Applications
Do you wish to design a spectacular, functional space for your house? While designing any home space, the surfaces remain the primary focus of all homeowners. A well-designed home...  
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What are the advantages of white quartz for kitchen countertops?
The kitchen is the heart of any home. You will spend a good amount of time in this integral space. Therefore, it ought to flaunt your personality and creativity. Whether you are co...  
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What is Composite Marble?
The flawless beauty of marble has made it one of the most sought-after design options for consumers out there. The state-of-the-art and intrinsic design is enhanced with the help o...  
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Modern Staircase Design Ideas for Your Home
As a crucial element in any house, coming across the right modern staircase design ideas is a vital task. Stairways, in any household, need to balance style and functionality. Thes...  
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How to choose Kitchen countertops?
Choosing the right kitchen countertop can be challenging. However, before we splurge on such a major update, we will help you understand some of the top kitchen countertop material...  
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How to choose the right marble for your home?
Marble is a type of metamorphosed limestone that appears as a beautiful natural stone to up the existing décor of any home. Having existed in the field of art & architecture for se...
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What is marble used for?
People love to use marble to decorate their homes because it is a stone that can be used in many ways. Marble has been used in decoration and architecture since the dawn of time be...
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How black marble adds beauty to your home?
A majority of modern homeowners and designers have a penchant for black color. It highlights alluring tales to our minds while capturing our attention like no other. The utilizatio...
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