4 Modern applications of marble stone for beautiful home decor

When it comes to beautiful, luxurious materials for your kitchen, bathroom, and general home renovations, perhaps nothing can surpass marble stone. This timeless material has been gracing structures for thousands of years, with the most well-known examples being the classic Greek and Roman architecture and sculptures that have stood the test of time and adorn museums across the world today!


While most people think of marble stairs, floors and marble countertops, the modern era of architects have found a lot of fresh and beautiful applications. One can use engineered marble stone and natural marble stone in so many exciting ways.

Let's take a look at some really exciting ways in which you can use composite marble stone to enhance your home decor -

  • Marble flooring : marble flooring tiles come in varying colours and surface patterns. The contrasting colour lines running through the surface are known as veining, which can be heavy and pronounced or delicate and barely noticeable. While more than a hundred kinds of marble stone can be found in the world, everyone is identified by its appearance.
  • Statement marble walls :While we are used to seeing marble stone used as flooring material, it really is a sight to behold when one encounters a sleek and marvellous composite marble wall! Marble stone naturally adds a touch of the regal to any setting, but using it to build gorgeous walls, ups the regal quotient by quite the margin. It transforms a common element like a wall, into a glaring piece of art. Also, you can complement the decor of marble walls with engaging lights in different colours and shades. This will grant you much freedom to play with colours in different of the day.
  • Marble decor pillars :Another really rare sight to behold, classy engineered marble stone pillars or columns add a touch of authority and expansiveness. You don't necessarily require a large ceiling height for pillars. One can easily find marble stone pillars or columns to suit the exact height of your living space. Composite marble stone columns lend a sense of elegant European ambience to your room. But be sure to use the highest quality marble stone, like those from Johnson Marble & Quartz.
  • Kitchen Islands :While a sleek and functional kitchen is one of the most common sights in homes across the world, a marble stone kitchen island is less frequently seen. A kitchen island in usually a structure placed in the middle of the kitchen with ample walking space all around it. It is used for chopping of food items, storing of ingredients, oven related things and making salads or putting the final touches to a dish together.

Today, marble is undergoing a revival in many different and versatile spaces, be it offices or homes or even the great outdoors. There are numerous types of unique, beautiful marble stone available today, and even more uses for this regal and powerful stone throughout a space.

This above mentioned list is an engaging collection of ways in which composite marble stone or natural marble stone can be utilized to enhance the aesthetic quotient of any home decor.

Johnson Marble & Quartz produce extremely beautiful engineered marble, sourced from the finest mines of the world. You can be assured of quality if the marble stone used for the decor of your home is from us.

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