Marble flooring design ideas that you can use in your home

Your home has a lot to say about who you are and your values. Your living is the place where a majority of people are welcome. This place must be as welcoming as it can be. A luxurious house is incomplete without a set of exquisite Marble flooring designs. It is a dominant flooring option that can transform your house by improving its artistic and visual appeal. Marble flooring has always been the preferred choice amongst the rich, and this trend hasn't changed much. Greeks and Romans used Marble for creating and sculpting architectural marvels because Marble is considered to be a sign of luxury. Over time, it automatically becomes the symbol of culture, royalty, and tradition. There are a plethora of marble designs from which you can choose, and in this article, we have listed down the best marble flooring ideas for your house.


Below are the types and marble flooring design ideas.

Italian Marble Flooring-

The classic Marble is an absolute work of art. It is a famous choice for flooring in several structures, residences, commercial places, and hotels. In addition to timeless beauty, they are easy to maintain and highly durable. After polishing, the Italian Marble looks like a crystal. The Italian Marble creation is the reason for its resilience and clarity. The great purity and quality of Italian Marble is the direct byproduct of Italian's pride in their stonework. Italian Marble is mined in Italy and then exported to other parts of the world.

Black Marble Flooring-

The type of marble flooring is the epitome of mystery and sophistication and is preserved in the Marble's dark tones. With this Marble, any type of decor will suit you best. In addition to being resistant to stains and water, it can also resist any type of weather and needs nothing in terms of maintenance. There are many shades of black marble, from pure black to colorless black.

Dungri Marble Flooring-

These types of marble flooring are the best for anybody who wants to give their house a new striking look thanks to their clean and white appearance. As a result of its significant properties, such as heat resistance and refined look, this marble flooring is the best option. Dungri Village, located near Makrana, is where the name is derived from. It is the standard material used to erect churches, museums, and other significant historical places. The Taj Mahal and Victoria Memorial in Kolkata have similar flooring patterns.

Flower Marble Flooring-

These marble tiles having flower motifs will offer a beautiful touch to any type of space, whether you want a vintage or retro look. They are centrally located in the zones and are made to blend in with the environment through coloring.

Marble Tukdi Flooring-

Tukdi can be interpreted as the Detachment or Parts. The Tukdi pattern is created by assembling and cutting the different marble tiles in various patterns and colors. Porches, patios, and verandahs are some of the exposed elements that may significantly benefit from these configurations and help them stand out from the rest of the house.

Botticino Marble Flooring-

Botticino is a type of natural Italian Marble that requires a lot of upkeep. Still, many homeowners opt for it due to its one-of-a-kind style and coloring. The oyster background will provide the best light cream with white veins and the tiny gray veins distributed by the grey color. It will provide a eye-appealing depth and texture. You can get this tile in two variants, Botticino Classico and Fiorito, derived from Italy's Brescia area.

Black and White Marble Flooring-

These types of marble flooring are classic patterns in white and black Marble which will draw a lot of attention to the newly renovated house. It is the best choice if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic look that does not compete with the rest of the furniture. This classic look is usually associated with Victorian and Edwardian Architecture.

Terrazzo Chips Marble Flooring-

The chips in this type of marble flooring are set in concrete. It is another classic design for a marble floor found in period homes. This design is made with a blend of granite, Marble, quartz, and limestone chips. The word Terrazzo flooring is also used to describe the material. The style is derived from Italy when professional workers found that the marble chips in the concrete create a steady and robust surface.

Zebra Marble Flooring-

The classic, symmetrical, and sleek black-and-white pattern will make your house look more expensive without drawing much attention to it. It will make your house sophisticated due to its zebra patterns' symmetrical color scheme. This pattern will work best with other furnishings and black Victorian tables.

Green Marble Flooring-

The green color will retain the sparkle and luster after continuous handling, which makes it famous for its durability. The durability and flexibility of the material make it ideal for a wide range of settings, such as dining room tables, kitchen islands, and bathroom vanities.

White Marble Flooring-

The best way to lighten a room is to find pure white marble flooring. Additionally, the light tone can make the smallest area stylish and spacious. The simplicity of this type of flooring makes it exquisite and serves as the base for many decor styles.


These are some of the best Marble flooring ideas you can take inspiration from for your house. Marble flooring is always going to be in trend and is not going to change any time soon. We hope these ideas helped you to pick the best marble flooring for your house, which will complement and make your house stand out from the rest.

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