How Black Marble Adds Beauty To Your Home?

A majority of modern homeowners and designers have a penchant for black color. It highlights alluring tales to our minds while capturing our attention like no other. The utilization of black color in the interiors has brought about a new life to this gorgeous interior décor material. The sheer brilliance of the beautiful contrast makes everything about the black hue appear heightened visually. Let us help you imbibe the beauty and elegance of black marble in your interiors and home décor.


An Insight Into Black Marble

Marble is undeniably exquisite. It can be argued that black marble is even more elegant and extravagant by all means. Marble tiles or surfaces -irrespective of the hue that you select, always deliver timeless beauty to any space in which they are installed. 

Black is a strong, bold color. Therefore, it is no surprise that tiles, black marble floors, or surfaces in black marble can add a dramatic flair in any corner they are installed. Black marble delivers an aesthetic appeal and sophistication in combination with the right display of mystery all around. Black marble surfaces or tiles are the ideal design options for those looking to give their bathrooms or kitchens a contemporary upgrade for creating a unique space throughout. You can install black marble kitchen countertops for improved aesthetics. 

Engineered Black Marble For Your Designer Spaces

Do you wish to create an appealing design with utmost luxury and sophistication? Whether you are designing a new space or revamping the existing one, if you are in search for timeless beauty coupled with unmatched durability and hassle-free maintenance, you can browse through the expansive category of engineered black marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz. 

JQM brings forth a contemporary range of the most beautiful and functional black marble surfaces featuring immense applications across your home. You can think of installing elegantly-styled black marble slabs in kitchen & bathroom designs, walls, and even black marble floors. With a variety of black hues to choose from, you can design your dream home in the most preferable selection of black marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Reasons To Use Black Marble In Your Home Décor

Marble is a sophisticated and glamorous home décor material. Its innate characteristics are only enhanced by a rich color tone like Black. The unique, natural-like veining in most engineered black marble surfaces delivers a crucial décor element -thanks to the boldness and richness of the color Black. Here are some reasons to use the exceptional black marble material for your home design:

Black Blends With Every Style

Whether you choose the elegant engineered black marble tiles for your kitchen area, bathroom, or any other corner of the house, there is nothing to worry about black interrupting the existing look or style of your space. For instance, you can design a spectacular kitchen with the help of black marble kitchen countertops.

Black marble surfaces can accentuate the elegance of any corner by imparting a beautiful contrast with existing furniture and appliances. Black marble can also enhance the color of the walls. Whether you go for a monochromatic appearance throughout or include splashes of fun colors to the existing space, black marble will complement all design options.

Adds Value To Your Home

Marble is one of the topmost quality materials that you can install in your home. Therefore, it is no surprise that installing any type of marble surface in your home will increase its real estate value effortlessly. Even when the homeowner will opt for a look-alike engineered black marble hue, the value of the home will increase -both in monetary and beauty terms. You can add great value to your home with the help of black marble kitchen countertops.

A Versatile Option To Design Homes

The black marble surfaces or materials -especially the engineered ones at Johnson Marble & Quartz, are available in a myriad of patterns, styles, sizes, and textures. This implies that you can think of installing black marble surfaces in any corner of your house. Wherever you install premium-grade engineered black marble, it will elevate the sophistication level and aesthetics naturally. 

Application Areas Of Black Marble

One of the most striking features of black marble surfaces is that they can be installed across a wide range of application areas across your home or property. 

  • Flooring: You can think of creating spectacular black marble floor designs with the help of black marble to accentuate or decorate the lighter marble shades. The elegance and grace that are available with the material in addition to composite or cultured variants create bespoke flooring schemes and patterns. The detailing and depth that black brings to the existing design are beyond imagination.
  • Walls: Accent walls featuring digital, patterned, and geometric mosaics can be brought to reality by making use of a stunning combination of grey and black. The picturesque designs and patterns achieve a real look with the help of black marble surfaces on the walls. When you install black marble around the fireplace, it will not only help in hiding black soot as well as ashes but also help in bringing the existing fireplace to life with orange and yellow flames dancing in the black background -reflected in the core of black marble.
  • Tables: When you install center tables carved out in singular patterns or designs with the help of black marble can help in creating an intimate focal point in the dining rooms and living areas. The ability of premium-grade black marble to hide spills and stains easily makes it a great choice of material for contemporary tables. 
  • Accessories: Bespoke art pieces irrespective of the overall cultural differences, indifferent towards the border of religion and region have been carved out of black marble since centuries. They help in representing the overall flow of life as well as the nurtured culture of the nature. They can be useful in decorating the shelves while fulfilling other features of the existence in designer homes accentuating the aesthetic value of interior spaces.


The royal appearance of black marble to decorate and highlight the overall interiors will change the outlook of residents and designers. Black marble draws the attention like no other material. Design creative spaces -both indoors and outdoors with the help of engineered black marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz. 

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