Types of marbles and their applications

Marbles can deliver a natural charm to a space. If you like to make your room luxurious, it is good to invest in marble. It is a perfect way to add some majestic touches to your room. The calcium-rich stone is available in different colors. Depending on the application type, you can decide on the shades of your marble stone.


Various Types of marbles

Let us talk about various marble colors and Types of marbles.

Red marbles

A red marble is a type of limestone with red dyes. Manufacturers apply the dye to get the red tone of the stones.

The most common applications of red marble are for wall cladding and flooring.

However, you can find a range of varieties of red marbles. For instance, Rojo Bilbao Marble has a bright red tone with gold, silver, and black veins. You can use it for your kitchen countertops due to its stainresistant capacity. Again, domvrena red marbles are best for creating a fancy floor surface. These red marbles are beautiful and make your room look highly elegant.

Black marbles

The presence of fossils in stones has resulted in the formation of the black color. The geological period makes a difference in the fossil type related to the stones.

Black marquina marbles have a homogenous black background. You will also notice fine grains and white veins in these stones. If you desire highquality black crystalline marbles, you can rely on portono. There are also white effervescences and golden veins in the stone. But, it is one of the costliest versions of black marble. Black dune is easily identifiable due to their filamentous character and linear stretch marks.

You can talk to professionals to know whether you should use gorgeous black marble.

Beige marble

Beige marble slabs are found in a variety of shades ranging from dark brown to light beige. You can use these slabs for countertops, floors, and other architectural needs.

Travertino beige marble create an attractive contrast between texture and colors. With various thickness levels and sizes, these marbles are best for different projects.

Imperial beige marbles have golden accents, and they are suited for your flooring project.

Another option for you is the dusty beige marbles due to their unfinished look. But, there is also a timeless, polished finish to the marbles. Use these stones to create a cozy, warm feeling. Choose these stones for various places, from counters to towel bars.

So, beige marbles have several varieties, and you can pick one that meets your needs.

White marbles

White marbles are natural stones obtained from marble rock deposits. When limestone undergoes recrystallization, it becomes a metamorphic rock known as white marble.

Due to their special grain patterns, you can choose them for flooring, wall cladding, stairs, and other purposes. However, white marbles are very soft, and you can simply use traditional chisels during their installation. Some homeowners prefer these white marbles for their bathrooms. If you have chosen larger slabs, it may take time to install. As these marbles have a natural finish, you can easily maintain them. The best fact is that white creates a good contrast with other colorful stones in your room.

Besides, white marble tiles are available in various finishes ranging from glossy and highglossy to rustic ones.

Brown marbles

Brown marbles have a combination of white and beige veins. They are highly versatile and create a rural ambiance. You can make a blend of dark and light brown marbles for your small and large rooms.

The thickness of brown marble ranges from 2 to 3 cm. But, you can place a special order for a unique thickness. Many highend homes have brown marble. You can use tobacco brown marbles for an earthy tone and a pleasant atmosphere. They promote relaxation and give you the best feeling in the room. There are many other varieties of brown marble.

Grey marbles

Grey marbles can be classified as dark and light grey stones. Pacific grey marbles have a dramatic look with contrasting veins. Their veins are formed while manufacturing marbles. Besides, you will notice a unique pattern in these stones. Milan grey marble is known for its elegance and beauty.

Another popular option available for you is the Armani grey marble, known for its unique combination of black and dark brown veins. One of the important characteristics is that they are resistant to scratches.

Regardless of the varieties, grey marbles are perfect for rustic and modern decor schemes.

Have you now decided on the marble color for your project? Buy marbles from the most reliable store and install them professionally. Most types of marble are found in various sizes. Depending on your needs, you can use these stones of appropriate sizes.

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