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Marble Flooring

The type of material you choose for the flooring makes a big difference in the decoration of your house and creates the most stunning ambiance of the space. There is a wide range of flooring tiles available in the market in differing designs, sizes, colors, materials, textures, and finishes at Johnson Marble and Quartz. Regarding flooring,marble flooring has withstood the test of time in terms of trend, strength, and aesthetics. The advanced technologies at Johnson Marble for making this marble flooring make it the toughest and most durable flooring option.

Why Johnson Marble and Quartz Marble Flooring?

Like other types of stone flooring, our marble is best used for “moist” or “wet” environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens; these are the places where water frequently splashes and can be wiped without causing any sort of damage.

Since we deal with composite marble flooring or artificial marble, our marbles are resistant to staining for other items, such as coffee, soda, wine, berries, tomato products, grease or oil, and many more. You can eliminate any type of staining with just a simple cleaning product and cloth.

According to our experts, one of the best ways to keep marble fabulous is to get a good-quality marble sealant and blot any spills promptly with the absorbent and soft cloth. Blotting instead of rubbing the stain is best to prevent potential scratches.

If you want to add marble flooring to your house and want to enhance your home design, read on to learn about the marbles that are available and how to find an efficient marble based on your budget as well as some tips that will allow you to use your marble to its full potential.

Our best Marble flooring products

  • Giallo Plus Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Bring home the prestigious range of composite marble featuring the finest quality and beautiful designs. The Giallo Plus range is renowned for its vivid color combination to complement any interior space beautifully. You will be impressed with the overall dazzling beauty of the striking marble surface to boost the aesthetics of any space effortlessly. Giallo Plus creates a bold statement of soft, yet vibrant color. Its high-end decorative features are accentuated with clusters of yellow and golden shades -giving life to the flooring material in an art-like form.

  • Grey William Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Johnson Marble & Quartz presents classic Italian Grey William Marble range that is a timeless beauty for residential and commercial complexes. Grey Willian Marble is a composite variant by Johnson Marble & Quartz available in a slightly brown to grey tone. Natural grey marble is sourced from sedimentary rock quarried in Italy. The top-quality Grey William composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz is best-suited for exterior applications, indoor walls and flooring applications.

  • French Brown Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    French Brown Marble is a type of brown wavy marble that is quarried from leading quarries of the world. The stone is particularly famous for monuments, sinks, building stones, pool coping, and so more. French Brown Marble can be easily processed into sawn cut, polished, tumbled, sandblasted, and other finish options. The immense range of brown marble that you come across at Johnson Marble & Quartz is available in rich chromatic hues of earthly tones.

  • Bianco Thassos Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Bianco Thassos is a premium-grade white backdrop composite marble material for your interior and exterior projects. It is a classic marble addition to your interiors. The composite marble features a classic white backdrop with light black dots and uneven patterns, the stone catches everybody’s attention. You can also choose this timeless beauty for its unparalleled durability and aesthetics. The versatile white composite marble is recommended for interior or exterior construction projects to enhance the beauty of any space. Ask for actual quotes from one of our marble experts now!

  • Elegance Alaska Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Available in the light pink shade, it is one of the most sought-after composite marble options for aesthetic reasons. Varying from very light to lighter hues of pink, the composite marble range by Johnson Marble & Quartz appears divine for a wide range of applications. Devoid of any variations, the composite marble is a striking addition to your interior space -especially if you wish to enhance the existing decor. In the construction application, you can make use of Elegance Alaska range by Johnson Marble & Quartz for designer areas. Get a dedicated quote for the composite marble now!

Types of Marbles and Their Classifications

Johnson Marbles and Quartz is a leading marble manufacturing company with varying surface patterns and colors. The contrasting color lines which run through the surface are called veining; they can be pronounced, heavy, or delicate, and some are also available that are barely noticeable. While there are over a hundred marble properties, they are classified into three categories based on their identified by its appearance:

  • Carrara Marble

    It is a famous white marble used for centuries in Rome and Ancient Greece, appearing in gigantic pillars and exaggerated statutes. Today, this type of marble flooring idea can be implemented in limited hues in the range of light to warm light, and its surfaces can be in light grey to medium grey veining.
  • Breccia Marble

    If you are in awe of black marble flooring, you may look for the Breccia. This marble flooring offers more warmth and colors than Carrara and Calacatta. It is available in shades of warm gold, deep browns, tans, reds, and blacks. The black and dark grey veining of the Breccia marble appears in ornate swirls and includes perfectly round outlines resembling the bubbles that are trapped under the surface.
  • Calacatta Marble

    It is also a white marble-like Carrara. However, it is closer to pure white and has darker gray veining, creating a contrasting look.

Shine Or Matte

The marbles mentioned above can be finished with high gloss or a matte look based on your preferences. We at Johnson Marble and Quartz ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our products. We provide the following types of marble flooring:

  • Polished Marble

    The most common marble flooring idea people love is the polished and high-gloss look. This type of look is achieved by grinding the surface through the polishing machine. Polishing marble will bring out the stone's veining and offer a radiant and elegant look. You can retain the reflective finish for years with the right maintenance practice.
  • Honed Marble

    The look of the honed marble is achieved through light polish; it is polished just enough to provide a smooth and flat surface but not enough to form a polished or glossy look. With this look, you will get a durable surface with an efficient soft matte finish; some of our customers also prefer the down to earth rather than glossy and polished marble flooring.

We Help You To Find The Best Size For Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is available in sizes ranging from 2-inch by 2-inch squares to large 6-foot by 8-foot slabs. For regular households, marble tiles for the flooring are rarely bigger than the 2-foot by 2-foot since the larger slabs need a specialized installation process. Large slabs are generally found and used in public and commercial buildings such as malls and offices. The thickness of the marble tiles ranges from ¼ inch to ¾ inch for the houses, whereas the thickness for the commercial marble slabs can reach up to 2 inches.

Signs Of Bad Marble Quality

The quality of the marble also differs from surface density to design. While there is no industry standard, there are several factors to consider to help you find the right quality tiles:

Lower-quality of tiles may have filled areas. When looking at the tiles straight, you may not see any difference; however, when you tilt the tile at a 45-degree angle, you can find irregular patches, a major indication that holes in the tile’s surfaces are filled with a resin compound. Over time, the area will expand because it is loose, making holes in the surface; with this, you will need patching.

Why are Johnson Marble and Quartz Engineered Marble Best Choices?

Engineered or composite marble flooring is made up of crushed stone that is grouped with the help of strong adhesive. This type of marble can be used for a wide range of applications other than marble flooring.

Other benefits of our marble floorings are:

  • Cost-effective price.
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Same look as natural stone.


Engineered marble stones offer a similar look to natural marble, the only difference being that engineered stones are more uniform in color and pattern. Natural stone features several variations in hues, colors, and patterns which can affect the aesthetics of your house. With engineered marble flooring at Johnson Marble and Quartz, we will provide you with the same look as each marble slab with minimal variations.

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