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Composite Marble

Marble is a type of metamorphic rock featuring re-crystallized carbonate minerals -mostly dolomite or calcite. Marble is usually not foliated. Nowadays, you can come across a number of alternatives to natural marble with respect to concerns regarding the impact on the environment. One such alternative is composite or engineered marble.

Composite marble or cultured marble is a human-made or artificial alternative to natural marble. It is a great alternative to enhance the overall beauty of your house or property on the décor front. People get drawn to marble countertops and Marble flooring when they plan to renovate the existing space -whether it is an office or home. It is due to the inherent qualities of the marble material and its impressive appearance throughout. If you are in search of premium-quality composite marble countertops or surfaces, you can look for the nearest marble shop in our dealer section.

Even with a number of options out there, marble still serves to be a prior choice. The utilization of marble in the décor sense dates back centuries. Previously, marble was utilized for designing monuments, museums, temples, buildings, and so more. Engineered stone or composite marble features marble chips and dust. These are then bound with pigment and resin. Composite marble typically features remnant marble products or by-products that are combined together to form the durable material.

Johnson Marble & Quartz features a fine selection of premium-grade composite marble materials available in different shades and patterns. You can choose from a wide selection of interesting colors and premium thickness based on your specific project requirements.

Composite Marble Colors

With composite marble, backsplashes and integrated sinks of multiple color options can be obtained. With Composite marble, it is possible to create as well as execute new design and color options that are capable of complementing the entire design theme.

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can get access to a wide range of color options when you choose composite marble. As the team here carefully designs every piece of composite marble, each one is manufactured completely unique. In addition to this, it is possible to customize the color options as well. Some of the leading color options for cultured marble you will observe at Johnson Marble & Quartz are:

3040mm x 1225mm

Standard Dimension

*12mm / 15mm / 18mm

Standard Thickness

Composite Marble Vs. Natural Marble

Both composite as well as natural marble variants have similar qualities. Still, they are distinct from each other. It will take ample efforts to spot the differences between the two. With Johnson Marble & Quartz, are some factors that you can look into:

  • Price: Natural marble serves to be a high-end material for interior décor. The processes of mining, extraction, cutting, and polishing require expert overview and artisans. Therefore, the price of natural marble is higher. On the other hand, cultured stone is mostly made out of the remnants of natural marble in combination with other particles, pigments, or materials. However, there is no compromise made on the overall aesthetics of engineered stone. Moreover, you can expect reduced prices for them as well.
  • Selection: It is a challenging process to select natural marble. You can only observe the material that has been extracted. There is no assurance regarding coarseness or grains. In the case of composite stone, you can rest assured with the selection process. It is because the texture and tint remain the same throughout.
  • Maintenance: Natural stone tends to be porous. Therefore, it is possible for the stone to crack and chip easily when compared with cultured marble. Therefore, you can expect a higher degree of maintenance with natural stone. With artificial marble, there is no worry about the overall maintenance. It is mostly covered with a specialized gel that gets toughened to deliver a rigid outcome.
  • Installation: Composite marble is a rigid and durable material. The installation process is quick. It is because there is no requirement for additional care. Natural stone is somewhat brittle than the artificial variant. Therefore, it should be installed with in-depth care.

Advantages of Artificial Marble

  • A Number of Options: Artificial marble is prepared under controlled conditions. Therefore, you can find them available in a wide spectrum of colors, textures, patterns, and design options. Still, the specialized production process at Johnson Marble & Quartz ensures that the overall design and texture remain the same across a given surface.
  • Great Properties: As composite stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz is prepared out of pigments and resins blending with the marble particles, the end result is less porous and rigid. Moreover, artificial stone is scratch and stain-resistant.
  • Maintenance: Composite stones are designed with the help of resin binders. Therefore, the stone does not attract dust or dirt. The pigments used along with resin make the engineered stone rigid and durable. Therefore, minimal maintenance is required to take care of these variants. You can buy marble online at Johnson Marble & Quartz for optimum results.

Uses and Applications of Engineered Marble

There is no denying the fact that marble can be used anywhere and everywhere. Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, countertops, and flooring, cultured marble is the ideal choice. Moreover, as it is created with the help of human hands, the artificial variant is available in a wide range of color options. Therefore, composite marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz is quite famous in hotel receptions and offices as well.

FAQs on Composite Marble

Composite marble is a man-made alternative to natural stone marble. It is a blend of stone particles and resins blended together with pigments to create the desired appearance.

Composite marble is available with an additional layer of polymer resin on the outside. This makes the surface non-porous and highly resistant to breakage, cracks, and stains. For the best durable results, you can purchase premium-quality composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Composite marble is regarded as a better alternative to the natural counterpart. It is because the artificial variant is denser and less porous. It is also less brittle. Artificial marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz also features scratch resistance and stain resistance capabilities.

Unlike natural marble that is porous, cultured marble is less porous and denser. Therefore, engineered stone is less prone to moisture. As engineered marble is human-made, the pigments are unique. Moreover, you can expect customizations in the overall design as well with Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Yes. It is possible. Johnson Marble & Quartz offers access to a comprehensive range of polish and finish options to enhance the aesthetics.

It is made of a combination of natural stone particles, blended with polymer resins, marble dust, and pigments.

You can get the standard dimension as 3040mm X 1225mm. Still, you can opt for composite marble of varying thickness at Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Yes. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, we manufacture composite marble by keeping intricate textures and patterns in mind.

Yes. Composite marble is not brittle. Therefore, work can be achieved. If you are in need of customizations, you can reach out our experts at Johnson Marble & Quartz.

It can be used in kitchen, bathroom, and flooring. With Johnson Marble & Quartz composite marble, you can achieve a wide range of applications.

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