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White Marble

Johnson Marble & Quartz is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-notched White Marble for all use cases. We are a famous name in the industry known for manufacturing nature’s art White Marble across the globe. Johnson Marble & Quartz offers a wide range of white Marble at the most cost-effective rates while providing guaranteed products in the market. Are you looking for the best white Marble for your house? Connect with our team now to learn more.

Our white Marble is timeless, and its uniqueness makes it among the most preferred natural stones, which are in demand for interior designers and architects. Our White Marble comes with endless veins and shades, which makes it ideal for flooring, stairs, cladding, and many other applications for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Johnson Marble & Quartz guarantees that this white Marble will give a sense of luminosity and luxury.

Technical Details

Following are the suitability aspects of our specialized engineered Marble and quartz for several uses and applications. Make sure to choose the product according to the specific application while considering the environment where it will be used and its end use.

Application Area Marble
Internal Flooring Yes
Internal Raised Flooring Yes
Treads/Risers/Skirting No
Staircase No
Interior Cladding Yes
Kitchen Counter Tops Not Recommended
Door Jambs/Door thresholds/Window Sills Yes
Exterior Flooring/Cladding Not Recommended
Vanity tops Yes
Sizes Marble
Length/Width (+/-) 0.5%
Thickness (+/-) 5%
Rectangularity (+/-) 0.6%
Slab Coverage (sq ft) 40
Surface Flatness (+/-) 5%
Side Flatness (+/-) 5%

Applications of White Marble

White Marble is the representation of peace and purity. The primary benefit of our white Marble is that matching will be easy since it works well with neutral tones while blending with other more eye-catching colors like green and red. Johnson Marble & Quartz’s White Marble will be the epitome of soft ambiance.

One can find numerous shades of White Marble with streaks, more grayish, and very clean whites. It is the surrounding that brings an exclusive touch to each White Marble. Following are some great areas where you can use White Marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz:

  • Kitchen Island:

    A full-fledged counter makeover with White Marble will be the best way to use a large amount of Marble, and the smaller surface will provide the needed impact and contrast. White Marble Kitchen Island will stand out from the rest of the kitchen while offering a unique statement.
  • Bathroom Flooring:

    Using Johnson Marble & Quartz’s White Marble flooring for the bathroom will offer a modern and classic feel. They will also allow you to show the unique stone’s grain more effectively than the smaller tile. White Marble will offer a distinctive look or a subtle variety for a relaxing spa retreat.
  • Fireplace Surrounds:

    Like our other Marble, White Marble for the fireplace will be timeless. You can opt for a full fireplace surround and mantel to get a classic look. Alternatively, you can opt for a warm wood surround and mantel made of White Marble inlay to get a sophisticated touch.

Our White Marbles

  • Regal White Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Johnson Marble & Quartz is an eminent producer and supplier of top-grade Regal White Marble all around. It is a well-known name in the industry of white marble all around the world. We offer an extensive range of top-quality white marble with the best price and guaranteed quality in the market. To know more about our range of Regal White Marble, contact our team now!
  • Rio White Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Rio White features a very light greyish to white backdrop with soft grey patterns throughout. Manufactured using state-of-the-art production processes and techniques, the unique appearance of this composite marble adds immense character and style to any corner of your house. The unique features of the composite marble stone make it highly valuable for a myriad of construction projects and applications. Rio White marble by Johnson Marble & Quartz is a perfect addition to your internal flooring, internal raised flooring, interior cladding, vanity tops, staircases, and window sills. Rio White represents the Italian classic style with its contemporary look throughout.
  • Snow Flakes Plus Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Featuring an impressive design like snowflakes spread on a white surface, the Snow Flake Plus composite marble range is a must-have for your extravagant home decor. Snow Flake Plus is a distinctive white-colored classic marble design recognizable by its dark, bold rounded dots like natural snow flakes. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom countertops, walls, and floors to create distinctive interior design features, Snow Flake Plus marble is a must-have for your contemporary space. Snow Flake Plus is available for different finish options to enhance the aesthetics of any given space. Ask for actual quote from the experts now!
  • Bianco Thassos Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Bianco Thassos is a premium-grade white backdrop composite marble material for your interior and exterior projects. It is a classic marble addition to your interiors. The composite marble features a classic white backdrop with light black dots and uneven patterns, the stone catches everybody’s attention. You can also choose this timeless beauty for its unparalleled durability and aesthetics. The versatile white composite marble is recommended for interior or exterior construction projects to enhance the beauty of any space. Ask for actual quotes from one of our marble experts now!
  • Elegance Alaska Marble

    3040mm x 1225mm
    STANDARD THICKNESS (*12mm / 15mm / 18mm)
    Available in the light pink shade, it is one of the most sought-after composite marble options for aesthetic reasons. Varying from very light to lighter hues of pink, the composite marble range by Johnson Marble & Quartz appears divine for a wide range of applications. Devoid of any variations, the composite marble is a striking addition to your interior space -especially if you wish to enhance the existing decor. In the construction application, you can make use of Elegance Alaska range by Johnson Marble & Quartz for designer areas. Get a dedicated quote for the composite marble now!

Our White Marble Design Ideas

We are equipped with dedicated interior experts who can help you choose the best Marble for your house. We also have several innovative design ideas for the white Marble from which you can take inspiration.

Whether it is the kitchen’s backsplash or the attractive flooring, there is a wide range of places where you can use the classic white marble design for your interior décor.

  • As A Backsplash:

    Our White Marble will create a lovely natural pattern you will not get from other products and stones. Our White Marble is something you will not find anywhere else, and it will add a significant ambiance when you get it as the backsplash material.
  • As A Table Top:

    Compared to other dining tables, White Marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz offers flexibility to buyers, and you can ramp up the beauty of your house by getting White Marble for your Table Top.
  • As Marble Flooring:

    Marble has always been dominant in terms of flooring designs in both commercial and residential areas. By choosing White Marble flooring, you will get a stunning and brighter area that will uplift any space.

FAQs on White Marble

When shopping for White Marble with us, you will get the best and most affordable rates you can ever find. Our marbles are known for offering functionality at cost-effective rates.

Our White Marble is non-porous and durable. Hence, even when you purchase our White Marble, you can be assured that you will not have to deal with the stain and scratches.

Marbles from Johnson Marble & Quartz are of top quality, and you can also get them in different shades. You can choose our White Marble due to its rich texture and finish.

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can find the ideal marble flooring since our products are resistant to scratching and stains.

For an elegant and rich look, you can opt for the white Marble from Johnson Marble & Quartz.

When looking for white Marble, you must consider the application area, marble finish, the right dimensions, and necessary maintenance.

White Marble is ideal for the kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, floorings, and interior design of a house.

When you are at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you will be exposed to a wide range of marble options, such as:

Regal beige, Royal Marfil, Atlanta, French Brown, Arizona, Snow Flake Plus, Rio White.

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, we use top-notched technology for making our composite Marble to ensure that they are of the best quality material for flooring, cladding, wall, and other applications for your house. Our customers can also opt for customized designs to suit their design needs.

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