Marble Stair Treads and Risers

Do you wish to ensure a grand entrance to your home or property? A classic marble staircase indeed makes up for an elegant addition to your home. If you are in search for timeless, classic marble staircase or raisers for your property, then Johnson Marble & Quartz brings forth its QuickStairs range to boost the existing decor.

With Johnson Marble & Quartz Readymade Products offering, you can get premium-grade alternative to natural marble for designing marble stair treads and risers in your property. In addition to improved durability, you can be assured of elegant aesthetics and extravagance throughout. QuickStairs by Johnson Marble & Quartz is a revolutionary product that boosts the essence of marble staircases and raisers beautifully.

Made out of engineered marble, QuickStairs marble treads and stairs are ready-to-install products. Moreover, the anti-slip material of composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz offers a wide range of benefits over standard staircases.

Using QuickStairs can help save almost 20%-25% cutting losses usually incurred in natural stones cut at site.

QuickStairs is a pre-fabricated ready to install product which helps reduce project completion time & saves substantial labour cost at site.

QuickStairs comes with an advanced factory-finished 1/2"Bevel or Bull Nose edge profile which makes it a unique pick.

Twin advantages over natural marble as it is far more economical and also provides better stain and abrasion resistance.

Complete assurance on colour and supply consistency.

QuickStairs can be customized to match with the floor/wall aesthetics.

QuickStair Treads


Dimension (mm) 1200mm X 300mm
Thickness (mm) 15mm
Thickness Tolerance (mm) +/- 1
Water Absorption (%) <0.4
Hardness (Mohs) 3
Tolerance in Surface Flatness (mm / linear meter) 1.5
Application Area Staircase

The sheer magnificence and beauty of marble inside your home decor is breathtaking. If you wish to add a touch of royal luxury to your mansion, the stunning composite marble is a bold and excellent choice. The distinctive marble veining of stair treads has become symbolic and iconic of high sophistication.



Dimension (mm) 1200mm X 150mm
Thickness (mm) 15mm
Thickness Tolerance (mm) +/- 1
Water Absorption (%) <0.4
Hardness (Mohs) 3
Tolerance in Surface Flatness (mm / linear meter) 1.5
Application Area Staircase
QuickStair Riser

Do you have kids and other family members going up & down the stairs all day long? Most materials will wear & tear as the years go by -not marble. QuickStairs composite marble range by Johnson Marble & Quartz can withstand almost anything on it while appearing elegant throughout. Our marble stairs or risers are durable enough to withstand some of the heaviest traffic and tough bumps.

Marble Stair Line Drawing

Our engineered marble slabs can lend an iconic appearance to your existing or new space. With relevant marble stair line drawing by our experts, you can design bespoke spaces and designs as per your preference. With marble stair line drawing, you can make up for a stable staircase material that is resistant to a wide range of external factors.

Advantages of Marble Stairs

  • Aesthetically Elegant: Staircases are expected to be practical additions to any home decor. They help in connecting different levels of the house. The overall beauty and functionality of marble inside your home decor is simply breathtaking. Johnson Marble & Quartz presents a luxurious range of world-class engineered marble to add a sense of intense sophistication throughout.
  • Structural Hardiness: A beautiful staircase that will not hold up is simply no good. Just like natural stone, artificial marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz depicts a higher level of hardiness and durability to last for several years. It makes up for a highly stable staircase material that is resistant to external factors.
  • Wide Range of Choices: With Johnson Marble & Quartz, you get access to a wide range of choices in terms of dimensions, colors, and patterns. You can check them all here. The amazing style range offers a greater breadth of choice to homeowners.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Caring and cleaning composite marble staircase is a relatively simpler process. You can simply take a wet cloth and wipe all the surfaces properly. With composite marble, there is no requirement of sealing as it is non-porous.

Elegant Marble Staircase Designs

Impressive stairs not only offer you access to different levels of the house, but it also plays a crucial role in enhancing the look of your house. Elegant marble staircase that is designed beautifully can create a bold statement to the entire interiors of your home. Some innovative design ideas for marble staircases are:

  • Marble Stairs with Wooden Railings: Marble impacts an elegant appearance to the home interiors. Combining marble staircases with wooden railing, you can intelligently design the space. Wood helps in adding a rustic and warm tone while reducing the risks of slipping on wet staircases.
  • Marble and Granite Stair Design: Marble and granite materials add a greater level of elegance and charm to any existing space. Granite is an unparalleled alternative to all marble staircases. However, when you combine these elements, it can add an extra deal of extravagance to the given space.
  • Black Marble Adding a Bold Statement: The black beauties in the form of marble staircases can enhance the entire home decor. You can include the essence of luxury for your entire home by installing top-grade black marble staircase from Johnson Marble & Quartz.

FAQs on Marble Stair Treads and Risers

For designing elegant and functional stair risers, you can use composite marble designs from Johnson Marble & Quartz. Here, you can get access to readymade designs built with greater precision to enhance any existing space with the overall sophistication.

Out of all other options, composite marble staircases are considered as one of the most durable materials for stair risers and treads. The designs are prepared with utmost precision by using state-of-the-art engineering practices to deliver maximum strength for your staircases.

If you are in search for improved strength and durability, there is no competing with marble for its wide range of functionalities. On the other hand, tiles are slippery and can break easily upon impact.

The total cost of installing readymade QuickStairs marble stair treads and risers will depend on your preference. It could vary depending on your dimension specification, size of the slabs, colors, and area of use. You can contact our team of experts to receive a custom quote for the project.

Marble is an excellent choice for staircases. You can be assured of the overall aesthetics, functionality, durability, and elegance throughout.

When you install QuickStairs range by Johnson Marble & Quartz, there is minimal maintenance required. You can simply clean the surface with a wet cloth from time to time.

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