How to use quartz for walls and home decors

Are you familiar with quartz jewelry, watches, and other handicrafts? However, you can also use this natural stone to improve your home decor. Whether you desire sophisticated blue or milky quartz, this stone can add an appeal to your home. Your home interior will have a luxurious and timeless look.


Why should you use quartz for your home decor?

Quartz is a highly durable stone with scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, stain-resistant, and heat-resistant properties. Moreover, it does not need much maintenance throughout the year. The quartz stone slab is available in a range of colors, like cream, green, brown, and red. Furthermore, quartz slabs are engineered using polyester resins and ground minerals. Resin is the main ingredient for which the quartz surface is resistant to stains and scratches. So, these are some reasons for using quartz for your home improvement projects.

Build a feature wall with quartz

Your home interiors will appear highly elegant with the presence of a quartz feature wall. Choose a thin slab and install it vertically on your wall. It will provide you with a high-end, contemporary look. As quartz slabs are found in various colors, you can match the stone with the existing decors.

Do you like to make your quartz feature wall more stunning? You can then add some amazing lighting effects to the wall. Some homeowners also incorporate a water feature into the indoor space. It creates a beautiful ambiance when water splashes down your quartz slab and shows vibrant lighting effects.

Wall cladding and bathroom vanities with quartz stones

Wall cladding with quartz not only ensures durability but also creates a style. Besides, it is an incredible way to develop a classy feeling in space. You will be able to create a variety of designs with quartz. You can use the stone for your retail store's wall also.

Another way to use quartz is for bathroom vanities. Create your vanity countertop with this material, as it is less porous. Besides, it fits in almost any bathroom style. It also creates a beautiful contrast with your wall or floor tiles.

Quartz for your furniture

If you want luxurious and elegant home decors, you can invest in quartz stone furniture. Nowadays, side tables and coffee tables are available with quartz surfaces. Choose a stone slab of a perfect size to create your custom furniture. As it is a resilient stone, your furniture stands the test of time. You can also place the furniture near your mantel as the stone is heat-resistant.

A bench for your laundry room

If you like to create a multi-purpose seat for your laundry room, quartz is better than other natural stones. The stone withstands your everyday use, and there is no need for annual sealing. Besides, you will have no concerns about etching problems and stains. But, you must be cautious while using bleach. Though quartz is durable, it is safe to use a gentle soap to avoid serious damages.

Quartz for your flooring surface

As this stone has a high-traction surface, you will find your floor non-slippery. If any room of your house receives heavy traffic every day, you can choose quartz for your floor surface. That is why commercial floors are often made from this material. Quartz flooring surface is also resistant to chemicals, molds, and mildews. Simply sweep the floor to remove sand and dirt from the surface.

Create your wall shelves

Buy long rectangular quartz slabs for your built-in shelves. These stones have the capability of holding weighty objects. So, if you like to display some artistic pieces or showpieces, you can use your quartz shelves. Black or white slabs can complement almost any room perfectly.

Shower surrounded with quartz

As the stone has a non-porous surface, you can build your shower walls using quartz. There is no risk of microorganism growth due to moisture. Unlike tiles, quartz surfaces have no grouts that attract debris and dirt. But, do not use acidic and alkaline solutions for cleaning, as they can damage the surface.

Use quartz for your kitchen backsplashes

Quartz is one of the most versatile stones used for your bathroom, kitchen, and home bars. So, you can use this natural stone for your kitchen backsplash. You can claim that wallpapers and paint also protect the wall. But, quartz backsplashes ensure better protection for your walls. Found in limitless color schemes, quartz does not affect the beauty of your kitchen.

In your kitchen remodeling or home renovation project, you can incorporate quartz backsplashes into your list. Your kitchen messes will not damage the stone.

There are several other ways to use quartz for your home interior. You can now start your home decor project by using quartz and other stones. Buy quality stones from a reliable vendor and make your home look magnificent.

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