What type of marble is best for bathrooms?

The earliest of use of marble can be dated back to over 2000 years, by the Greeks and Romans. The material is so resistant that even today archaeologists keep finding different structures from those eras, with great marble work that is still intact! Not just the structural integrity but also the colours!

This kind of reliance is extremely hard to find even with modern technology! Johnson marble quartz has been in the marble and quartz business as a marble supplier for many decades now. We have a global presence and have continually helped our global clients find the perfect match for their needs, over the years.


Marble is a versatile material that can be used in myriad ways for indoor decor and outdoor decor. There are a great many marble colours available right now in the market but the classics always feel and look the best. Aside from marble colours, Johnson marble quartz has many different options for different uses. Today we will reveal to you some of our best marble ideal for decor and use in bathrooms -

  • Regal White : The bathroom should be a place of tranquillity and rejuvenation. What better marble colour than white to fulfil the purpose? Our Regal White marble is appreciated across the world for its natural hue and its resilience, both, in terms of strength and colour durability. Aside from its practical benefits, the Johnson Marble Quartz Regal White marble range also lends an air of sophistication to any space it is fitted in. It shines equally bright with both flooring and countertop usage. Especially in bathrooms.
  • French Brown : Quarried from some of the leading mines of the world, Johnson marble quartz' French Brown marble range is of the darker persuasion, as far as its colour is concerned. It is a really versatile marble range with innumerable finish options like polished, sawn cut, sandblasted, tumbled and many more! It is popularly utilized as an excellent embellishing material by most of our customers and clients. However, it makes for amazing bathroom decor, thanks to its unique shade of colour and variety of finish options. The French Brown marble range has a comfortable and calm vibe, thanks to its naturally wavy design element.
  • Regal Beige : The Regal Beige marble range is one of the most sought-after marble ranges and Johnson Marble Quartz. It has the ability to gel well with any kind of furniture, space or setting for both indoor decor and outdoor decor. It possesses the deadly combination of warm beige hues along with smooth surfaces, hat just make any space come alive. It works extremely well as a material for floors and walls. Perfect for bathrooms, is you ask us.

With various marble colour shades for each and every marble range, Johnson Marble Quartz will help you find the perfect marble for your bathroom. You can browse and select from our range of options and short list the ones you figure are best suited for your needs and wants. We take pride in our experience and expertise, through which we always strive to achieve excellence.

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