Importance of Wall Cladding for Upgrading the Beauty of Your Home

Modern architecture is undergoing rapid improvement and revolutionization in terms of the materials used and the overall art. One of the most popular revolutions in terms of contemporary architecture has been the manner in which structures are decorated from the exterior. It is referred to as the art of wall cladding. As a matter of fact, wall cladding is a highly sought-after exterior application that has been utilized as a component of visual art and appeal. In terms of modern architecture, the applications of wall cladding go beyond the aesthetic component to enhance a building with respect to durability, efficiency, and safety.


With the overall increasing awareness along with rising demand for sustainability in the domain of architecture, the application of wall cladding in the nation is evolving along the aspects of innovation and quality.

What is Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding serves to be an extra layer or cover on the exterior or interior walls of buildings. Addition of a wall cladding material like composite marble or engineered quartz can contribute to the overall aesthetics of the property. You can come across popular wall cladding materials in a wide range of colors, shapes, designs, and patterns. A reliable wall cladding solution by a reputed provider can help in enhancing the beauty of both the exterior and interior space of your home.

Exterior paints, in most cases, might not be enough to deliver ample protection or improve the appearance of any house. This is wherein the concept of wall cladding comes in. Whether you wish to impart a modern or rustic appearance to your home, wall cladding has got you covered. Moreover, when you make use of high-end composite marble or engineered quartz for wall cladding solutions across your home, it can deliver improved outcomes.

How can Wall or Stone Cladding Boost the Beauty of Exterior or Interior Spaces?

Stone cladding is an additional protective cover that is installed on both the interior as well as exterior areas of your home. Any variety, pattern, or color of Stone cladding materials are helpful in transforming your home's ordinary wall into something lively and vibrant.

You should opt for reliable wall cladding solutions only on walls you deem necessary. This is because covering the entire wall area of your house with wall cladding can impart it a highly messy look while also leading to extra costs or efforts.

Creative Wall Cladding Ideas to Inspire Your Spaces

Wall cladding with high-end materials like composite marble or engineered quartz appear attractive on any wall. Some of the interesting ideas to take inspiration from are:

The Brick Wall

The functional brick walls are some of the most common looks that designers or homeowners prefer during the installation of a top-quality wall cladding material. In small-sized apartments, the wall behind your TV unit is ideal for bringing about an attractive transformation with the help of stone cladding. The overall texture and color added by the stone will ensure that your wall design will require almost nothing more.

An Urban Space

Red brick or marble wall cladding can appear immensely versatile with respect to the final look. With contemporary homes and spaces, particularly bachelor pads, a wall that is stone-clad will help in making the existing space appear sophisticated and urbane.

For instance, a spare wall in your kitchen can be transformed beautifully with the help of reliable wall cladding solutions. You can leverage interesting designs and patterns with composite marble wall cladding options at Johnson Marble & Quartz -like Regal Beige, Arizona, Elegant Polaris, and so more.

Stone Wall Cladding for Your Expansive Dining Space

Do you wish to achieve a comfortable and sophisticated living space by designing an open dining space? In this case, you can think of blending in a stone cladding wall seamlessly into the existing space.

For instance, a light grey wall cladding solution like Bianco Althea can impart a warm, beautiful texture to the wall. Moreover, it also delivers a stunning backdrop for your dining area cabinets, a background for impressive wall decor, and a backsplash for the counterspace.

Stone Cladding White Wall

Plain, classic white walls in any home decor appear timeless while serving as the background for the luxury enthusiasts. The white composite marble option for wall cladding within interiors of your home serves the purpose of a stunning statement wall in your living room.

Plain white cladding solutions appear impressive with warmth of the all-natural brown or beige of the furniture. Therefore, it helps in lending a visual appeal to the entire space.

Artificial Stone Wall Cladding for Your Bedroom

Wish to accentuate the interiors of your bedroom? An interior composite marble or engineered quartz wall cladding design can work like a charm for your otherwise boring bedroom walls. The soft grey or beige shades of composite wall cladding materials will effectively complement the neutral color scheme of the decor and design of your bedroom.

Stone Wall Cladding in a Lighter Shade

You can bring about an elegant design for your bedroom with the help of attractive and elegant wall cladding designs, colors, and textures within the interior space. The addition of simple textures and lighter hues in a bedroom space will effectively uplift the bolder aspects of the room.

Wall Cladding for Your Bathroom

Stone or wall cladding is a highly versatile design solution. It is capable of transforming your space in a wide range of ways. For instance, asymmetrical wall cladding for your bathroom space by installing premium-grade composite marble or engineered quartz can help in naturally elevating the look of the existing space.


When it comes to enhancing the appearance of your bland walls and allowing them to deliver a style statement, wall cladding solutions work just well. Unlike natural stones, wall cladding with the help of top-quality composite marble or engineered quartz can bring about luxury and elegance to any exterior or interior space. Go through the wide range of composite marble options at Johnson Marble & Quartz to choose the best wall cladding material.

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