Which are the types of marbles best-suited for flooring?

Marble is most often used for flooring. Various marble colours can be easily found on the floors of many spaces. As one of the leading marble makers in India, we at Johnson Marble and Quartz have designed a few different marble shades and types to suit the flooring needs of the country


The flooring is arguably the most important feature of any space. It literally covers all the ground there is to cover! Let's take a look at some of our best marble colours & types of marble for flooring

  • Nile : The Nile is one of our best-selling composite marbles, often selected by home owners, buyers and architects for its great white shade. With this marble, you home will receive a subdued and classy vibe. It is known for its durability and overall strength, thus being perfect for flooring. If you are looking to add an amount of subdued elegance to your space, then the Nile marble range is the on to go for.
  • Minta : The Minta has a really subtle and unique shade of grey. Among marble colours, the dark grey is really rare to find, especially one that looks as elegant and natural as the Minta. It is manufactured using state-of-the- art techniques, which renders it extremely hard with a long life.
  • Bianco Althea : The Bianco Althea is a really pristine and durable marble range. Its colour is very pure and white, which is always a winner among marble colours. It is perfect for use in any kind of home interior situation and is quite versatile, since white marble can be practically used anywhere and in any setting!
  • Arizona : This is one of Johnson Marble and Quartz' most premium marble ranges. It is available in a range of marble colours, from extremely light to slightly darker shades of cream. It offers unparalleled durability and a sense of opulence that is unrivalled. It also features ample graining throughout which adds another great aesthetic layer.
  • Bianco Thassos : Another one of our premium white marble ranges, the Bianco Thassos is subtle yet eye-catching, thanks to its classic white backdrop with light black dots and uneven patterns. This marble range is highly durable and features great aesthetics. It is perfect for marble flooring.
  • Grey William : One of the finest Italian marble imports, the Grey William range is one of our bestsellers and for good reason! It possesses a beauty that is timeless and is often times used by architects to make a space more stately and sophisticated. This composite marble range is available in a slightly brown to grey tone. Its colour is a thing of beauty which includes strands of brown and saffron strewn across the bed of grey surface throughout!
  • Elegance Alaska : One of our most sought-after composite marble ranges, the Elegance Alaska features an extremely light pink shade which is equally parts soothing and mesmerizing. It has tremendous aesthetic appeal. Apart from flooring, it is also popular for making stairs in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Once you use the Elegance Alaska in any space, you can bet that it will add a unique touch of elegance to that space.
  • Snow Flakes Plus : This marble range, features the classic snow flake design, where it looks like snowflakes are spread on a white surface. The Snow Flakes Plus is one of our most aesthetically appealing designer composite marble ranges. The dark bold and rounded dots are really reminiscent of snowflakes and one can order this marble range in many different finishes to suit your decor.
  • Royal Marfil : With a lush golden and yellow hue, that creates an atmosphere of warmth and happiness, Royal Marfil is one of our more 'happy' composite marble ranges. It looks very stylish in any space that it's used, but most of all, it adds a dash of happiness. It possesses amazing durability and a classic shiny texture that fills people with a sense of warmth and joy. Whether it's an outdoor space or an indoor space, the Royal Marfil composite marble will be a great addition to the flooring.
  • Light Empredor : The Light Empredor composite marble range features rich textures and vibrant colours that have resulted in it becoming a globally beloved marble range. It features soft speckles of light patterns which immediately lend a feeling of timelessness and understated beauty. The dark and light hues have been combined divinely, giving an overall ethereal vibe to this beloved composite marble range. It is also appreciated for its unfailing hardness and scratch-resistant properties.

The above mentioned marble ranges, are some of our most suitable for marble flooring. With each and every different marble range, you get something unique and different. There is something for every indoor and outdoor space. You can check out our website for more options!

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