The most elegant way to decorate wall is by using Elemente

Walls form an integral part of any home decor. In addition to providing the much-needed security and privacy, decorative walls can also help in improving the overall aesthetics in the most effortless manner. To decorate walls, modern homeowners and designers consider installing top-class wall cladding materials like engineered quartz to bring out the best outcomes. 


Elemente Quartz is regarded as one of the most renowned wall cladding materials due to its immense aesthetics and durability. However, when you opt for engineered quartz from Johnson Marble & Quartz, it serves to be more versatile than ever. One of the major applications of premium-grade engineered quartz for your home design is with respect to wall cladding or stone cladding. Modern walls not only need to be durable, but aesthetic and functional as well to support the entire house. 

The benefits of engineered quartz in terms of durability, a wide spectrum of patterns & colors, and low maintenance can be applied to the creation of stunning wall designs in your home or business. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can come across world-class Elemente engineered quartz material to be used across stunning wall cladding projects. Quartz wall cladding or stone cladding fulfills your requirement of an attractive and durable wall covering having immense style and personality. At the same time, engineered quartzwall cladding solutions are also easier to install and maintain.

Understanding the Benefits of Engineered Quartz Wall Cladding

Indeed, using quartz for wall cladding might not get ample attention as its applications for flooring, or backsplashes. However, modern homeowners are nowadays are shifting to the concept of contemporary home designs and spaces. In this aspect, the use ofengineered quartz for wall cladding is not only attractive, but also functional.

Quartz wall cladding is now being accepted as well as appreciated more than conventional wall designs. Wall cladding is regarded as the process of applying a single material over some other material to impart a protective layer to the wall. Due to the innate properties ofcomposite quartz, its applications in wall cladding or stone cladding are gaining a huge impetus.

Some of the top reasons why people nowadays opt for stylish wall cladding solutions are:

·         Providing thermal insulation to walls

·         People also use them for weather resistance

·         Engineered quartz stone claddings improve the appearance of your house

Engineered quartz slabs by Johnson Marble & Quartz are immensely stylish and functional at the same time. These are available in a wide range of styles and patterns. To top it all, engineered quartz surfaces are highly durable while featuring low maintenance. With attractive quartz wall cladding, you no longer have to be worried about stains and marks. It is because composite quartz is made artificially to be moisture-resistant.

Application Areas for Quartz Wall Cladding

In most homes, walls usually do not receive ample attention to that of floors. However, walls are the foundational units of any home design. Therefore, it is imperative for you to pay attention to the overall durability and appearance of walls across your home. Elemente quartz wall cladding solutions by Johnson Marble & Quartz help in elevating both durability as well as appearance of walls throughout your home design.

There are several areas wherein you can think of installing quartz wall or stone cladding solutions, including:

·         Kitchen Backsplashes: It can be an overwhelming task for most homeowners to design the perfect kitchen backsplash. Thankfully, engineered quartz slabs serve as the most durable and functional wall cladding materials for your designer kitchen backsplashes. With engineered quartz slabs, you are given the freedom to customize the look of the kitchen backsplash in terms of the shape, size, cut, color, and pattern according to your choice.


·         Wet Rooms: Engineered quartz wall cladding can be installed across wet areas like showers without any maintenance requirements. Engineered quartz materials are durable and waterproof. Therefore, it turns out to be the best solution for wet areas like showers. Elemente is a widely used engineered quartz material that is perfect for wet areas of your home.


·     Accent Walls: Accent walls are the best places to experiment with your design and creativity skills in terms of creating a comfortable and cozy space. With quartz wall cladding, you can look forward to saving ample maintenance time while also imparting a luxurious appearance to the entire space.


·       Laundry Rooms: Quartz features some of the most suitable properties to be installed perfectly in a laundry room setting. For instance, engineered quartz is highly resistant to heat and moisture absorption. Moreover, it also requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking new and vibrant all the time. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for your laundry room area.


·         Balcony Walls: If you have a balcony area in your home, it is important to choose the right material for its walls. Typically, your balcony wall will require the installation of a material that is perfect even under extreme weather conditions. Therefore, the material you choose should be highly durable and weather-resistant. Engineered quartz slabs fit the requirement quite perfectly. You can choose top-grade Elemente engineered quartz surfaces from Johnson Marble & Quartz.


Look for Bespoke Wall Cladding Features

Quartz can be utilized in several ways when it comes to designing amazing wall spaces to last a lifetime. Some properties to look out for are:

·         Water resistance

·         Non-porosity

·         Durability

·         Low maintenance

·         Stain & scratch resistance

·         Resistance to harsh weather conditions

·         Availability in a myriad of colors, textures, and patterns

Usually, ceramic wall cladding solutions will require ample space to prevent damage during wall cladding installation. On the other hand, other types of stone wall cladding solutions might also require additional space to prevent off-setting of stone joints over time. Moreover, large-format porcelain solutions can lead to lippage issues on the surface of the walls. However, top-grade composite quartz wall cladding solutions can be chosen butt-edged to deliver a highly smooth and sleek finish throughout.


Wall cladding has been long associated with conventional materials and formal patterns. This makes traditional cladding a poor solution for contemporary spaces. Engineered quartz wall cladding designs can bring about those benefits to all types and styles of homes -including conventional and contemporary designs.

Whether you wish to install quartz wall cladding in a residential setting or a commercial one, the overall durability, low-maintenance specification, and immense style make it ideal for all types of wall applications. 

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