How to Determine Composite Marble Price for Your Project?

Composite marble or artificial marble is a human-made alternative to natural marble. It serves to be an attractive option to enhance the beauty as well as functionality of your accommodations. Modern homeowners rely on composite stone variants from a reliable marble supplier like Johnson Marble & Quartz to beautify their homes and spaces. Before you buy marble online, it is important to understand marble price in detail.


An Insight into Composite Marble

Engineered stone composite is regarded as the constituent of marble chips and dust that are bound together with pigment and resin. When you buy composite Marble from a leading marble shop, you can get the assurance of top-quality composite marble stone at the best prices.

In addition to remnant marble components, shells, metal, or colored glass materials are also used in the production of composite marble. Composite marble is usually molded into definite structures that are later refined as well as polished to be installed in the form of countertops, backsplashes, flooring, bathtubs, and so more.

Understanding the Costs of Composite Marble

The processes of installation and fabrication of composite marble are both cost-effective. Composite marble might even cost less than natural forms of marble slabs. Moreover, composite marble depicts benefits of improved durability, low maintenance, non-porosity, and non-slippage.

If you wish to understand composite marble cost, it is estimated that for composite marble flooring, countertops, and other applications, you can expect an average price of around INR 250 per square feet for thickness of around 20mm.

However, it is important to note that the price of marble might vary depending on several factors. Some factors to look into are:

·         Edge Design: A major aspect determining the composite marble price is the level of hard work that has gone into the processes of manufacturing and installing the same. Marble countertops and other surfaces are milled with specialty edges to enhance the finished appearance. The edges can significantly affect the cost of finished marble.


·         Thickness of the Slab: Larger the surface area you need to cover with composite marble materials, the higher will be the price of the installation process. However, the total cost is not just limited to the surface area. It is also determined by the overall thickness. The thicker slab you will use for your marble surfaces, the more you will have to pay for its installation.


For a premium composite marble material of thickness 15mm, you can expect the marble price to be around INR 310 to INR 415 per square foot.


As you analyze the factors that impact the price of composite marble installation in your home, you can request for a customized quote from a reliable marble supplier like Johnson Marble & Quartz

Note: Prices are subject to change, request you to please confirm with any marble shop near you

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