How To Choose The Right Marble For Your Home?

marble is a type of metamorphosed limestone that appears as a beautiful natural stone to up the existing décor of any home. Having existed in the field of art & architecture for several centuries, marble is a definite YES whether you wish to design a new space or remodel the existing one. Out of a number of options available out there, the concept of using engineered marbles surfaces for home design is gaining a huge impetus amongst modern homeowners. 

How To Choose The Right Marble For Your Home?

Why Does Marble Remain A Constant Favorite?

Available in a myriad of patterns, colors, and design options, royals have been using marble surfaces for a wide range of applications. Whether it is marble flooring or marble wall cladding, you can be assured of imparting your space inimitable luxury that the beautiful surface offers. To top it all, when the unmatched natural beauty of marble is coupled with improved durability and no-maintenance requirement in the case of engineered marble, you can look forward to designing a space that is aesthetic as well as functional. 

Being a natural derivative (composite or engineered marble is made out of finer particles of natural marble in combination with other elements and adhesives), designers, architects, and art enthusiasts have always adored this stone. Composite marble features high-end traits like long life, creativity in patterns and textures, color variance, and minimal care. The natural-looking stone implies luxury and sophistication -deeply rooted in history. The regality offered by engineered marble surfaces is unmatchable and can leave you spell-bound.

Choosing The Right Marble For Your Home

As you learn how to identify premium-grade marble surfaces for your home, you will have a better chance of designing a mesmerizing space that attracts all. Some of the notable features to look out for while choosing the right marble for your next project are:


Dents and scratches are indeed undesirable when you are designing a lavish surface -especially for your kitchen or bathroom. However, the presence of scratches is something that distinguishes natural marble from engineered marble. Natural marble is porous and can easily scratch or form a dent. Therefore, it is expected to handle the same with immense care.

On the other hand, if you opt for engineered marble, you can remain worry-free about such hassles. They are made non-porous. As such, there is no issue related to scratches, breakage, or dents. Johnson Marble & Quartz comes forth with premium-grade engineered marble surfaces that are highly durable, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant to improve the functionality of your spaces. 


As marble is a versatile stone, it is available in a myriad of patterns and colors. Therefore, choosing the right color of the stone or material is crucial to ensure the overall success of your project. 

Some shades or hues complement specific corners beautifully whereas some draw the eyes effectively. Lighter shades help in expanding the existing space while darker hues help in adding immense mood. Therefore, it is recommended to take your time and choose the right marble color wisely. Johnson Marble & Quartz can help you with the selection as it offers access to an extensive range of vibrant and beautiful hues for engineered marble materials to enhance your space. 


Every stone is characterized by its distinct personality. Find the personality pattern with which you resonate the most. 

Are you attracted to striking and ostentatious patterns? Or, are you looking for something elegant and sophisticated? Whatever might be your preferences for patterns, Johnson Marble & Quartz has got you covered. Here, you can browse through the extensive collection of premium-style engineered marble available in a myriad of colors and patterns. Depending on your design specifications, you can choose the best pattern or design for creating an everlasting space. 

Subtle, muted, bright, or vibrant -irrespective of your style, there can be a perfect selection of marble for perfectly capturing and reflecting your personality. 

Choosing Marble For Flooring

If you are implementing a flooring project for your home, lighter, softer shades in engineered marble can be a great choice. It is because lighter shades for composite marble can reflect light more and make your space appear brighter and bigger. White marble is mostly desired for home-based flooring applications. At the same time, grey and beige shades are also catching up.

In addition to these famous shades, a number of homeowners are nowadays experimenting with their choices while opting for colorful shades -including dark red, brown, dark grey, and so more, for flooring projects. 

Choosing Marble Cladding For Walls

When you implement marble wall cladding with bespoke engineered marble material, it is a great way to draw ample attention to your walls or specific areas of your home. Brilliantly-hued marble cladding surfaces are a great way to accentuate any plain or dull wall. At the same time, softer shades featuring dramatic patterns also help in adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior space. 

Choosing Marble For Tabletops

Elegant stones for kitchen islands, tabletops, and designer slabs are ultimate show-stoppers in a dramatic way. They help in enlivening any room while earning compliments from the guests. When you choose engineered marble stones from Johnson Marble & Quartz, these also serve as sturdy surfaces to last for several years to come. 

When it comes to choosing composite marble for tabletops, you can allow your creative side to shine. You can also decide on complementary or contrasting stones connecting together with the remaining décor of the space. You can practically use any shade or pattern for kitchen tabletops and backsplashes -especially those featuring 3D surface finish. 

Choosing Marble For Bathrooms And Showers

Darker shades accompany the winning trophy for designing shower surrounds and bathrooms. Still, lighter shades are not behind. For bathrooms and shower areas, some of the popular composite marble shades are grey, brown, black, and even beige. These shades do not discolor or etch easily. 


Make the most of your imaginative inner to boost spaces with decorative composite marble slabs and surfaces throughout your home design. 

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