4 Advantages of engineered marble stairs

What is engineered marble?

engineered marble is essentially a mixture of natural minerals like calcite, combined with colour pigments, molded and baked with specially-blended polyester resin which acts as a binder. It is produced in the form of blocks and slabs of adequate thickness, and then sawed into tiles from the blocks. Engineered or composite stone has a wide range of applications across multiple industry verticals. With respect to kitchen countertops, slabs are prepared out of quartz crystals that are bound together with the help of a resin binder.


Engineered marble features a similar appearance to that of natural marble. The only difference is that engineered marble tends to be more uniform in pattern and colour throughout. Natural stone will feature multiple variations in patterns, hues, and colours. As engineered marble is prepared artificially, the appearance of every marble slab will be the same with minimal variations.

This is what makes engineered marble the perfect choice for marble stairs. Let's look at some other reasons for engineered marble being the best choice for stairs

  • Adding value to your home - Engineered Marble is an opulent material, and is viewed as such; hence whenever you utilize it in your home; you are naturally adding economic value as well as aesthetic appeal. Unlike steps made from other materials, engineered marble stairs increase the resale value of your home manifold. Even though engineered marble doesn't cost as much as other materials, just because of the aesthetic appeal the resale value hits the roof.
  • Durable and long lasting - Engineered marble is a very durable material. Unlike natural marble, these surfaces are non-porous, which helps them resist stains, blemishes and other kinds of damages. Engineered marble surfaces can last a very long time with very little maintenance. Unlike other materials used for steps, engineered marble is sturdy and long lasting. Porcelain steps or steps made from other materials are harder to fix than an engineered marble stair that is broken, because you will have to replace the entire step made from other materials, instead of just treating the damaged portion.
  • Aesthetic elegance - Engineered marble is unique by nature, which is one of the many reasons people love having it in their homes since many decades now. No two engineered marble stairs are alike, making them really unique and giving you great options for your stairs marble design. Other materials, like porcelain or ceramics, have just a few variations. But engineered marble stairs have infinite variations and you can even get customizations done to your heart's content.
  • Free of allergens - A material like a cloth-based carpet on your staircase will harbour dust and allergens. Engineered marble is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that it is not likely to cause an allergic reaction. Although many different people have various types of allergies - engineered marble is a really safe material to use in a household due to its anti-allergen properties.

There is a variety of choices you can make when picking steps for your home, and it is best to make an informed decision. Get advice from friends, family, the internet, and experts in the industry. Just remember that at the end of the day, you will be the one living in your home. It is best to pick a material that best suits your purpose, and you feel most comfortable with - like engineered marble.

Before selecting a material for your stair treads and risers, you need to really think about how much maintenance it requires, what are its pros and cons and most importantly how it actually compliments the existing decor of your home or living space.

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