Engineered Marble Vs Natural Marble

Marble is one of the stylistic additions to home decoration. Buyers increasingly prefer the elegance of marble to give their homes a rich look. Imagine buying a marble that is very similar to the natural one but works longer without requiring much maintenance. Well, that is what's called engineered marble.

But is engineered marble as good as natural marble? What are the pros of engineered marble vs natural marble? These are some of the most common questions before choosing the flawless beauty for home designs. Read on to find more answers and differences explored in this article.


What is Engineered Marble?

Engineered stones of all kinds are becoming very famous. These stones are composite materials often made of crushed stones bound together by an adhesive, which creates a solid surface and reflects several qualities of natural stones. Engineered marbles are one such types and are very common in indoor flooring and walls. These also come in different colors and varieties and is an excellent competition for natural marble. So engineered marbles are made by blending real marble pieces of varying sizes to form an engineered marble product.


What is Natural Marble?

Natural marble is a metamorphic stone. It is a rock composed of calcium magnesium carbonate, and it has naturally recrystallized due to pressure, heat, and aqueous solutions. It is a hard rock that changes colors when exposed to acidic substances. It is extensively used in exterior walls, kitchens, stairs, toilets, etc.


Engineered Marble vs Natural Marble

The debate of what's better - engineered marble or natural marble - is always there. Making the right choice is essential, and the best way to do it is by identifying the differences between engineered marble and natural marble and comparing their pros and cons.


Natural marble is a precious product that is also fragile. So it requires constant maintenance. You should also be very careful and not spill any cleansers or oils on the floor. On the other hand, engineered marble demands very little attention. Since it does not discolor over time like natural marble, you do not have to reseal it now and then. It is also resistant to oil and stains, requiring less maintenance.


Natural marble is inherently versatile. The marble takes on various colors and patterns naturally based on the impurities present. Engineered marbles are also versatile, with multiple colors and patterns created artificially. While both marbles have diverse collections, the texture and shine of natural marble may not be entirely reflected in the engineered marble.



How important are the weights of the marble? From portability and price to installment costs, multiple factors are dependent on the weight of the marble. While natural marble is heavy, engineered ones are comparatively light. They are also slimmer. So it is easy to move engineered marble, and its installation is cost-effective and quick.


While engineered marble is oil and discolor-resistant, which natural marbles are not, the latter is better when it comes to heat resistance. Natural marble can resist more heat when compared to engineered marble because the natural ones are formed through natural activities and undergo immense heat and pressure to come to their marble form.


Natural stones give a better feel and appearance. The patterns of natural marbles are quite distinct from one another, and they are also sometimes formed in large sizes that can easily be molded based on our preference. Engineered marbles are equally efficient and produced using set patterns and styles. One issue with engineered marbles is that they do not come in large sizes and must be joined if bigger slabs or benchtops are needed. Otherwise, both the marbles are uniquely stylistic in their own ways.

Pros of engineered marble vs natural marble

  • Price : Since natural marbles are premium stones, they are quite expensive. However, engineered marbles are more commonly available and can be easily made. So it is less costly when compared to natural marbles. 
  • Durability : Natural marble is more soft and fragile and can easily be affected. On the contrary, engineered marble is oil, scratch, and stain resistant. Since engineered marble is less open to damage, it has more longevity.
  • Flexibility : Engineered marbles are manufactured artificially. So it can be molded into customized styles and preferences of the customer. This is not possible with natural marbles because they come in certain styles and designs formed naturally. 
  • Easy installation : Professionals and skilled people can only install natural marble, and it will need extreme care and is more costly a process when compared to engineered marble. On the other hand, engineered marble is light and less fragile, so one can easily install it and save on installation costs. 
  • Low maintenance : Engineered marble is more resistant to oil, cleansers, acids, discoloring, and other factors. Compared to natural marble, it requires little care and less maintenance. So if you do not want to spend more time maintaining your marbles, it is wise to go for engineered ones. 
  • Resembling natural marble : It resembles natural marble in shine, style, and aesthetics and is more efficient than natural marble in several categories. This makes engineered marble a natural choice that brings the best of both worlds. 

Cons of engineered marble vs natural marble:

  • Appearances: Even though engineered marble is present in a variety of colours and styles, its appearance is inferior to that of natural marble. Natural marble is of much higher quality and elegance than artificial marble, and an expert can distinguish between the two based just on look. This is an important distinction between natural and artificial marble.
  • Resistant to heat: The formation of natural marble involves intense heat and pressure as a result of geological activity, but manmade marbles are not resistant to heat. The substance used to create synthetic marble contains glue, which risks melting or igniting at high temperatures.
  • Scratches: It becomes pretty impossible to remove the scratches from engineered marble due to the cultured marble surface. As a result, engineered marble can't be repaired once scratched.
  • Durability: Due to incompetent elements utilized during manufacturing, the quality of engineered marbles may vary. Besides, using artificial marbles for a lengthy period can cause the gel coating inside it to break.
  • Health: Due to the presence of silicosis, artificial marble might create health problems. 

Application of engineered marble:

There are a wide range of uses for this material such as flooring, door jambs, tabletops, wall cladding, window sills, and so on.

Due to the engineered marble's high wear resistance and ability to support a significant weight, it is an excellent choice for high traffic areas. The weather resilience and excellent heat absorption make them ideal for use as roof and in balcony.

Installing and maintaining this product is a breeze, and it's long-lasting and easy to maintain. Engineered marbles have a non-skid surface and can be finished in a glaze or a matte.

These marbles can be used to cover the garage and parking space, as well as any other outdoor area, including the porch.

Engineered marbles are extensively utilized for outdoor paving because of their strength and longevity. It's not just for the outside that this is happening.

With the use of engineered marbles, you may create an aesthetically pleasing and opulent atmosphere in your home.

The beauty of marbles cannot be described in words. Having said that, natural marble requires more maintenance and is quite expensive. It is here that engineered marble scores more points.

Johnson Marble & Quartz specializes in engineered stone products and offers a variety of versatile and practical building materials. Renovating and revamping homes is best made possible with engineered stones, and Johnson Marble & Quartz is keen on maintaining the best qualities of natural marble and eliminating its inherent problems.

Using marbles for interior designing is a great choice and is preferred by many designers and home buyers. They are delighted with affordable engineered marbles that help them give their homes a polished and aesthetic look within their budget.

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