Marble Stairs in Modern Architecture


The aesthetics of marble is really undeniable. Resistant to breaking and scratching, marble is the most commonly used stone for interior design and architectural purposes. Have you already installed marble on your walls and floor? However, this timeless and elegant stone is also a perfect choice for beautifying your stairs. There are many other reasons for investing in marble stairs.

Why should you choose marble stones for staircases?

Engineered marble stones will give you long-term value. Marble stones are maintenance free.

Unparalleled grace-

If you want to make your staircase more striking, engineered marble is the right choice. You can even find marble in world-class ancient buildings all over the world. Marble has a smooth and pristine surface and is available in a range of tones. With marble staircases, you can make your home interior more luxurious.

Marble with incredible purity-

Marble often symbolises purity. Especially white marble can draw your attention with clarity and simplicity. Beautiful marble stairs are a good investment if your home interior has a minimalistic theme. What’s more, the stone represents immorality and stability- the most important qualities of a staircase.

Add value to your home-

A marble staircase boosts your home value and enables you to sell the house at a higher price. Thus, if you want to resale your house in the future, you can install marble slabs on your staircase. Marble is an asset for every homeowner, and it represents magnificence in your house. A multi-storied building with a marble staircase can easily catch the attention of potential buyers.

Easy to clean-

Many homeowners have invested in marble stones, which are easy to clean and maintain. As your staircases are high-traffic zones, they pick up dirt and dust. However, you can wipe them away without effort. Moreover, it is easy to remove stains and spills from the surface.

Use a mop or a soft cloth to clean the surface of your marble staircases. Other mild cleaning products (like hydrogen peroxide and soap) are also safe for treating your floors. With a piece of clean cloth, you can dry your marble surface.

But, as marble is sensitive, abrasive scrubs or acidic cleaning agents cause damage. With minimal maintenance effort, you can retain the original beauty of the stones for years. Besides, sealing the marble is recommendable to prevent scratches.

Seal the marble with a protective stone sealer once a year or as recommended by your marble supplier to prevent deep scratches.

The best eco-friendly solution-

Installing marble for a staircase is an eco-friendly option. Flooring materials like marble undergo minimal processes. That is why they do not cause harmful effects on the environment. Indeed, marble is non-renewable, but you can use artificial or composite marble for your staircase. It is one of the sustainable options for homeowners.

Free from allergens-

The presence of allergens is a common issue with several flooring materials. You should not use those materials if your family members have allergies and asthma problems. However, marble is a non-toxic and safe option for staircases.

Besides, this stone does not trap pollen, dust, and other pollutants. So, instead of wood and other materials, you can use marble to remodel your staircase.

A great insulator-

Do you like to choose an insulating material for your staircase? Whether it is a cold winter day or a scorching summer day, marble stairs give the best sensation to your feet. The marble surface maintains a favourable temperature throughout the day.

High resilience-

A one-time investment in marble stairs will give you lasting value. Durability is the biggest reason for installing marble on stairs and floors. You run up and down the staircase every day. Despite your regular usage, your marble stones will remain undamaged.

A highly versatile choice

Marble is a versatile stone available in a range of styles and designs. Based on the interior colour scheme, you can decide on the best hue of marble. Although you have thought of using marble for stairs, you can use the stone for other places like countertops and walls.

Ever-lasting beauty-

No matter what marble pattern and colour you have chosen, they will never become outdated.

So, invest in classic and timeless marble for your staircase.

Endless options for marble stairs-

As marble stones are available in various shades, you can pick the right one. Check some popular trends in marble stairs.

French brown marble stairs-

Many interior designers and décor professionals recommend installing marbles with brown and white veins.

Regal white marble stairs-

Combining grey and white glazes creates an amazing look. Your Regal white marble staircase will add a royal touch to the overall space.

Granite and marble stairs-

Some homeowners choose granite as an alternative to marble. However, to make your staircase unique, you can pair marble with granite. But, it is not easy to differentiate these stones through your naked eye.

Combine black with white-

If you want to make your stairs unique, a black-white colour scheme will create a gorgeous look. It is best for those who have chosen the monochromatic scheme for the walls.

Tips for choosing the ideal marble stair size-

Step height and width:

The average height of stairs is around 15 cm. Ensure that the height has not exceeded it to avoid feeling tired while going up the stairs. Again, the width of the stairs is 27 to 30 cm.

The slope of the step:

In case of indoor stairs, the slope should be 20° to 45°.

Choosing the right size is important for maintaining safety and beauty.

So, marble stones are ideal for the staircase and some other parts of your house. Whether you have chosen a glass railing or a white-coated metal railing, marble steps are an amazing choice. Depending on the length of your staircase and the marble, you can find a difference in the cost. Ask your professionals to give an estimate of your marble staircase building project. Composite marble stones are available at a reasonable rate. You can combine marble with other engineered stones.

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