What is engineered marble?

engineered marble is a recycled natural stone. It is crushed, pressed, heated and mixed with a really small amount of resin. Unlike natural stone which is porous, engineered marble is less pervious to moisture, which often times causes mildew. Also, it is quite resistant to scratches, stains, spillage and blemishes than cultured marble. It also doesn't require any special cleaning or sealing like natural marble.


Johnson Marble & Quartz has always been conscious about the environment. We are proud to have been given the highly prestigious UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certification in this regard!

Our aim has always been to be in the forefront, especially when it comes to adopting innovations, and developing plus maintaining eco-friendly variants of our products. To earn the certification, our company and products have undergone stringent and copious rounds of testing based on certain guidelines which we followed diligently.

What exactly is Greengaurd Certification?

  • The GREENGUARD Certification is a widely trusted, comprehensive, standard and scientifically based assessment for identifying a particular product's emissions profile.
  • Products are screened against 11,000 chemicals to assess exposure to complex chemical mixtures. More than 360 individual chemicals are evaluated as a part of this certification for their emissions characteristics! This includes toxicity levels along with the exact quantities of the chemicals emitted.
  • Certified products meet stringent chemical emissions requirements like getting screened for more than 10,000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs), among other parameters and tests.
  • The certification follows more than 400 green building codes, guidelines, standards, procurement policies and rating systems to recognize or reference UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certified products.

Benefits of the UL Greengaurd certification

  • Globally accepted - The Greengaurd Certification by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a universally accepted environmental certification preferred by virtually everyone including retailers, green building tools and federal purchasers. Building codes from all over the world are in agreement with this certification.
  • Increases value proposition for developers - Using GREENGUARD Certified products showcases a developer's commitment to the creation and making of healthy, high-quality interior living spaces. A healthy and clean indoor air quality of any given living space increases the value proposition of the project, thereby providing the developer with something to build on, as far as customer relations are concerned.
  • Appealing to customers - With this certification, retailers and suppliers can be assured of being appealing to customers who prefer green and eco-friendly materials. This will help you gain the trust and good will of your prospective customers which will in turn fuel the added value proposition of the property for them!
  • Unique Selling Point - Since Johnson Marble & Quartz is the only company in the retail market with a UL Greengaurd certification in this product category, our products have a clear advantage over competitors. This lends a touch of salience.
  • Improved Air Quality - Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) has adverse effects on the productivity and health of occupants. Children's health is of special concern as they are still in the developing stage of their life and poor IAQ can have permanent and lasting bad effects on their growth including their immune systems and neurological functions. Breathing these pollutants can easily lead to a range of health problems, including allergies, cardiovascular disease, forms of cancer, asthma and plethora of reproductive disorders. UL Greenguard Certified products have been screened for over 10,000 chemicals by an independent third-party organization. By buying products which result in as few pollutants as possible, you can be sure of a really good level of clean air quality.

Reason to go green

Engineered marble is an eco-friendly material, unlike natural marble stone. It has many different applications and can be easily used to build things like bathroom counters, table tops, floors, staircases and walls. It has two of the greatest benefits - aesthetic quality and affordability.

Also, you can understand from the above mentioned reasons as to why it improves the air quality of any living space where it is used. This guarantees that your living quarters are a healthy, hygienic and clean space wherein children, adults and the older generation can live and breathe in peace, knowing that the material is as non-toxic as possible.

Browse the impeccable range of eco-friendly engineered marble options from Johnson Marble & Quartz to find the healthiest marble options with the best design elements.

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