How can Composite Marble Elevate Your Home Interiors?

With the subtle beauty and sparkle of marble, there are several classy ways in which marble can be incorporated into the entire home decor to brighten up your home. Marble is polished, elegant, and sophisticated. It helps in instantly elevating the overall look of the space, adding richness to the entire area. Marble has been around for several centuries.


Formed out of recrystallized carbonate materials with the ultimate stone revealing unique striations or veins, the name has been derived from the Greek term implying 'shining stone' Marble is a classy look that cannot be replicated as it features an air of luxury that is not possible to find in other materials. Whether you wish to achieve a design-inspired, subtle space or you aim at bringing about something more dramatic, you can choose premium-grade engineered marble in the form of marble stairs, marble stair risers, and even countertops to boost your home's interiors.

Innovative Ways to Use Composite Marble to Enhance the Interiors

Engineered marble is a timeless classic as far as interior decor is concerned. It helps in creating ultimate magic with a sense of luxury and elegance with its mere presence in any corner of the house. Your humble abode will appear grand when decorated with classic marble. The beauty of the house will get elevated manifold.

Engineered marble is available in different colors, textures, and designs to accommodate the imagination of decorators and interior designers -giving shapes to dream homes. It has become immensely popular in modern homes as homeowners and professionals are switching from natural marble to a highly durable and luxurious form of composite marble.

While engineered marble might be on the expensive range than most other natural stone variants, most homeowners prefer using top-grade composite marble for superior shine as well as finish for offering your interiors a classy vibe. Here are some ways you can use engineered marble to boost the aesthetics of your home interiors:

Marble Flooring

Marble used to enjoy a monopoly over the flooring component of bespoke interior design -despite being ousted over time by wood and vitrified tiles. It still continues a leading and functional choice as far as durable and aesthetic house flooring is concerned.

Installing composite marble flooring implies diving deeply into the latest flooring trend. Moreover, stunning marble flooring also offers an instance facelift to any corner of your house. You can consider laying top-quality composite marble across your entire home or commanding focal attention by installing the same in specific areas or rooms -including the prayer room, bathroom, foyer, and so more.

Kitchen Backsplash

A classic marble backsplash for your kitchen space is an ultimate way to bring the timeless quality into your home decor -elevating the look of any room. Marble backsplash works effectively in historic homes while complementing ultra-modern kitchen style as well.

A backsplash functions by protecting the wall from water or food splashes -responsible for damaging the sheetrock behind the kitchen counter. You can come across different variants of composite marble backsplashes -including part-slab, full-slab, or marble tile. All of these variants go perfectly well with both contemporary and traditional styles.

Accent Piece

Marble has recently made its way into minimalist decor plans because of its overall durability and versatility. Marble-based accent pieces are a cost-effective and innovative way to introduce the beauty of timeless marble into your home decor without renovating or making significant changes to the existing decor.

Accent pieces are known to run the gamut -right from marbled lamps to statement chairs, marble knick-knacks, and other elements. You can think of selecting a designer piece that will not look out of your existing space in the entire interior scheme.

marble stair treads and risers

When you use composite marble for stairs, it implies selecting a material with intrinsic beauty, elegance, strength, and brilliance. At a reliable provider like Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can get access to premium-class composite marble stair treads and risers to suit different home decor requirements.

Indoor marble stairs will effectively correspond to the functional needs of your home. However, it is an ultimate piece of furniture that fits the architectural context beautifully. Exterior marble stairs are also expected to conform to the overall architectural context while aligning to the style in which they are installed.

When you use engineered marble for staircase design or stair risers, some famous design options are the floating staircase, the regal staircase, the grand marble staircase design , the concrete staircase, and so more.

Marble Bathtub or Sink

If you wish to incorporate composite marble as an accent rather than a surface, bathtubs and sinks are ideal options to bring about a sense of elegance and classiness in your home decor. This type of marble use requires minimal commitment. It is because you are only expected to choose the right size as well as shape and then install the same in your corner of choice.

Installing engineered marble in the form of bathtubs or sinks is also a great way to incorporate a slightly expensive trend in your home design or infuse a luxe element to your small apartment.

Marble Tabletops

Do you wish to glam up your bedroom, dining room, or living space with the help of essential accents? Look no further than a classic composite marble slab as a beautiful tabletop. It can serve the role of a smooth tabletop or even a coffee table. In this form of engineered marble for home interiors, the sheer striations of the stone will draw everyone's attention instantly.

For achieving a Scandinavian look, you can think of pairing the composite marble slab with black or gold-toned table frames. As you position gilded mirrors against the marble setting, it becomes an element straight out of marble design photographs in interior decor magazines.


There are several useful and aesthetic ways to infuse the essence of durable composite marble in your interior home decor. You can get access to premium-grade engineered marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz -the one-stop destination for engineered marble and quartz for residential purposes.

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