Add stylish touches with engineered marble to your home spaces

Very few materials create a feeling of opulence in home design; engineered marble is the best of them. Elegant, versatile and abundantly beautiful, engineered marble is used in bathrooms - but can be successfully incorporated into living rooms and even bedrooms.


People usually choose engineered-marble countertops and flooring when they plan to renovate an existing living space like the home or the office. This is due to the inherent qualities of the engineered marble material like durability and stain resistance along with its beautiful look. If you are in search of premium-quality composite marble countertops or surfaces, you can reach out to Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Let's look at how we can add stylish touches to the various spaces in our home with engineered marble -

  • 1)Living Room - Engineered marble is extremely versatile and durable with very few drawbacks compared to natural marble. You can use them in so many different ways to jazz up your living room. Furniture is one of the most popular avenues where engineered marble can be used effectively. Imagine a living room with engineered marble used tastefully and beautifully for countertops, table tops and even cabinets. Plus using engineered marble to build furniture is economically viable as the quantity of the engineered marble used is much less.
  • 2)Bathroom - Whenever you see a luxurious bathroom depicted in video form or pictorial form, more than 90% of the time, it features marble in some form or another. Engineered marble is great for use in bathrooms as it guarantees an almost instant luxurious vibe. You just need to be careful about how you use the multiple designs of engineered marble that are available in the market. For the best engineered marble designs, head to Johnson Marble & Quartz.
  • 3)Bookmatch - Bookmatching refers to the practice of matching two different materials like woods or engineered marbles so that when adjoined they look like mirror images of each other and in turn create a focal point right in the centre. Engineered marble can be book matched to create a central theme of sorts in whichever setting you wish to choose. It works well in all kinds of settings including your bathroom, hall room, bedroom and even the pantry.
  • 4)Bedroom - Unlike the living room, the bedroom doesn't require as much furniture to look whole. There are ton of decorative articles and options you can choose from to liven up your bedroom. For example, small and stately engineered marble accessories like picture frames or wall clocks can be used to enhance the beauty of the bedroom to great effect. Also, if you live in a hot climate then having engineered marble will have a really cool effect on your body and mind.
  • 5)Add colourful touches by using engineered marble - One of the many great things about engineered marble is that it comes in a variety of different colours, textures and finishes. You can easily use these to your advantage by aesthetically choosing different colours, textures and finishes for different purposes in your bathroom. These days one can easily find pink, gold, yellow, black and grey engineered marble slabs with ease. Some interior designers and architects have used the wide range of colours to their advantage by decorating spaces really beautifully and making sure that the colours pop out and complement the overall look and feel of the house and the room. With composite marble, backsplashes and integrated sinks of multiple colour options can be obtained. With engineered marble, it is possible to create as well as execute new design and colour options that are capable of complementing the entire design theme.

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