Top Marble Suppliers and Manufacturers in Mumbai

Top Marble Suppliers and Manufacturers in Mumbai

Choosing the right architectural materials is important for building a house. The best quality building materials add beauty to the house and reduce the risk of damage. Many people buy marble stones to beautify their home interiors. However, whether you need marble for flooring, countertop, walls, or other places, you should buy the stone from reliable vendors. So, who are the best marble supplier in Mumbai? Find the list of top-rated manufacturers and vendors to make your decision.

Johnson Marble & Quartz

Johnson Marble & Quartz is a reliable destination for buying engineered marble and quartz stones. Its composite stone slabs are primarily used for Floor & wall applications in Residential and Commercial spaces. Apart from these, it can be also used for constructing vanities, kitchen countertops, fireplaces, and several other things. Engineered stones are available for stone cladding also. The industry-grade composite marble and quartz of the company look like natural stones. Besides, these stones are available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Johnson Marble & Quartz takes pride in obtaining Greenguard Gold Certification. The company aims to run a sustainable business and chooses eco-friendly raw materials for its products.

Although you can buy slabs of marble and quartz, the company has a collection of prefabricated products. The marble stair risers and treads of this company are amazing for any modern or traditional house.

Bhandari Marble Group

Bhandari Marble Group is one of the reputed marble sellers in Mumbai. This wholesaler sources natural marbles from the best quarries in different countries, including India. It has a collection of various types of marble, such as Italian marble, Indian marble, Statuario marble, and Onyx marble. The company claims to sell marble at the most reasonable price. It also deals in high- quality granite and sandstone. However, it has a team of experienced craftsmen to build marble sculptures, fireplaces, and fountains. What’s more, it provides various services like marble restoration, installation, and cleaning.

Millennium Marbles

Millenium Marbles is another prominent name in the marble industry. It has warehouses in different cities, including Mumbai. The company has been associated with the imported marble business for more than 16 years. It also sells other types of stones, including Onyx stones, travertine, and granite. The company imports its stones from more than 10 countries. It supplies stones all over India, so you can place your order to get delivered in Mumbai.


Rynestone is one of the renowned companies with a large stock of marble. Its warehouse and showroom have the latest variety of marble stones. You can discuss your personal requirements with the team before making a purchase. Its large marble collection includes white, Italian, grey, Onex, coloured, beige, Armani, exotic, and Michelangelo. Other types of stones available at Rhynestone are granite, travertine, and quartzite. Rynestone has a special team to check every stone before sending it to customers. So, you will get high-quality stones from this Mumbai-based company.

Kalinga Stone-

Kalinga Stone is one of the reliable manufacturers of engineered stones like marble, quartz, and terrazzo. It supplies its stones not only to Indian cities but also to several other countries in the world. The distribution and sales network of the country is very strong.

Engineered marble stones available at Kalinga Stone have the beauty of natural stones because the team has used superior technology to manufacture them. You will find a quality finish in every stone you buy from this company. Another big advantage is that there are consistent colour palettes across marble slabs. Some slabs have a combination of natural stones with binders and resins. You will find highly durable slabs for your construction purposes.

Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd

This company is a well-known manufacturer of Italian marble. It has proved its expertise in supplying high-quality materials for various purposes. You can buy reinforced and mirror- polished stone slabs from this company. Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd has a Rajasthan factory and Mumbai stockyards. It has been running its luxury stone business for more than 35 years. The company has gained a reputation for its quality products and currently has a domestic and international clientele.

The temperature-controlled gallery in Mumbai has an exclusive collection of Italian marble stones. The Italian marble showroom in this Indian city spans over 5000 square feet. The comfortable atmosphere in the showroom lets you buy marble masterpieces without a hassle.

Quality Marble

Quality Marble is a Mumbai-based company with a strong position in the marble market. Its stockyards are located at Malad and Vile Parle. The sophisticated stone manufacturing factory was set up in Silvassa. The company claims that it always aligns its thoughts and ideas with the client's needs and the latest trends.

It has a dedicated team to identify the best quarries in the world. Quality Marble professionals handpick the right materials from these quarries.

The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to manufacture quality marble stones. Manufacturers carefully process marble blocks with the latest technology and ensure the superb quality of every stone.

Aakash Italian Marble

Aakash Italian Marble is a trustworthy Italian marble processing organisation that has been running its business since 1994. The company brings stones from the top quarries in the world. It has a dedicated team to curate every collection of stones carefully.

Each slab delivered by the company undergoes a thorough quality check. The company aims to provide the best product to customers. It has set up its factory outlet at Andheri in Mumbai. The biggest stockyard of the company is at Naroli. Marble stones in this company are available in a range of colours like white, black, and beige.

Mewar Marbles-

Located in Mumbai, Mewar Marbles is one of the leading vendors of stones. It has a stock of both artificial marble and natural stone slabs. The unparalleled quality of stones has gained the trust of customers. This marble shop also deals in granite stones of different colours.

It is a short list of marble vendors and manufacturers in Mumbai. You can compare price rates, quality of stones, and other details to make a deal with the best company.

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