How to decorate with black marble : Ideas and tips


Do you like to create a contemporary design for your home interior? Installing gorgeous marble stones is a good decision. However, some homeowners like to stick to neutral shades while installing marble. But, have you tried out bold colours like black? Black marbles have high elegance and make your home look more luxurious. Black is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial houses. So, how and where will you use these black marble stones? A few tips will enable you to make the best use of these unique marbles.

Make your bedroom look royal with black marble-

Marble stones with a luminous and luxurious look are best for your bedroom. Some black stones have white speckles and a unique texture to make your flooring more attractive. If you want to create a monochromatic theme, black marble plays an important role.

White kitchen paired with black stones

Do you love the all-white look of your kitchen? The purity of white tones is undoubtedly beautiful. You can choose white for every detail ranging from cabinetry to walls. However,the use of black marble will not ruin this beauty. The easy-to-clean and stain-proof black stones will save you effort. So, you may choose this trend to renovate your kitchen.

The black colour scheme for your countertops-

Regardless of your kitchen design and layout, black countertops can be an ideal choice. Some black stones have silvery reflections to boost the beauty of the kitchen. As you need to use the countertop for regular purposes, there is a risk of spills on the surface. However, the black surface lets you hide the stains from spills.

Like other marble stones with different colours, the black ones need to be used carefully. There should be no visible residue on the surface. If you find food residue on the surface, you must remove it without any delay.

Transform your bathroom with black marbles.

If you want to highlight a particular area in your bathroom, you can install black tiles. The speckled black stones on the flooring surface will make your bathroom look more elegant.

Black marble for wall cladding-

Many interior designers and architects use marble to clad luxurious homes. Wall cladding with black marble is very common in hotels and other public houses. It helps in adding a distinctive look to the walls. There is no need for a costly replacement to upgrade your kitchen. Only a minimal investment in black marble will be a great choice. So, you can buy engineered black marble stones and create the best ambience for your room.

Dark interiors set a unique mood. The overall space looks more inviting and interesting. Soft and hard materials are to be placed against each other. Still, you will not miss the harmony in your room. For instance, a dark washbasin and a splendid mirror, you can make your bathroom impressive. They also match well with multi-coloured basis.

Use black stones for your stairs-

Marble stones are one of the trendy options for a contemporary home interior. They are also perfect for finishing your bannister and stair treads. You may choose marble of any dark colour to find the desired look. Some homeowners prefer 2-tone marble stairs to create a highly appealing look.

Blend black with gold-

The gold and black colour scheme look more stunning. For instance, you may add some brass elements to the room decorated with black marble stones. It also helps you highlight the most beautiful pieces in your room.

Black stones for your dining table-

A beautiful table can become a centrepiece of your dining space. Black furnishings ooze glamour and luxury. A round black tabletop with a glossy surface looks best with a chrome base. The contrast of chrome and black is the main cause of attraction.

If you have no space for a round dining table, you can cut the marble slab into a rectangular shape. Accompanied by matching chairs, your dining room table will bring perfection to the overall setup. So, using faux marble, you can create a custom-designed table.

Black marbles are available in a variety of finishes-

The finish on the black marble is one of the important factors in choosing stones.


Sandblasted black marble stones have a smooth surface, and they are treated with a high-pressure blast technique. If you want to curve decorative motifs on your marble, the sandblasted finish is the right choice.


Split-faced marble is ideal for those who prefer a rustic look. Moreover, this finish also texture to the surface. Split-faced black tiles can be chosen for both external and internal walls. Make your walls look more eye-catching with black stones. Another option for creating a textured wall is chiselled marble.


Marble with a honed finish is polished with abrasives. Honing is a restorative process to repair your stone damage. Honed black marble is suitable for your flooring and other high-traffic sites in your house. However, you may also use them for your backsplash and countertop.

Sawed marble-

This stone has a coarse, rough, or dull finish. Professionals use diamond wires to achieve this finish. Due to the rough texture, the surface offers a good grip. That is why you can choose this marble finish for your bathroom floor.


Polished marble has a lustrous finish and provides a high-end look. The polished black stone is suited for the living room and other areas. Regular polishing helps in removing scratches and fine scuffing.


Black stands for elegance in your home décor. You may use black furnishings and décor items. However, black marble is a good investment. Your room will look fresh with these beautiful artificial stones. Choose any finish for your marble and use the stones in different ways. Besides, as there are various shades of black, it is important to pick the right one for your home. Professionals can provide you with tips on how to create a majestic appearance with black artificial marble stones.

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