Top Marble Trends for Future Designs

Don't you want your home to be ultra-luxurious, and above all, a divine space wherein you can unwind peacefully? The exquisite collection of design and architecture with marble has never gone out of style. It is because the majestic structure used by ancient civilizations stand to this day with its unmatched glory. To top it all, modern and highly durable alternatives of natural marble - composite marble, have made the world of contemporary architecture and design even more glamorous.


As we approach the New Year soon, we have tapped some of the latest composite marble trends that will continue dominating several years to come. Trends in the marble industry do not fluctuate significantly like in the home paint or furniture industry. Still, as you keep up with the latest marble trends, it helps in bringing about a major difference in everything that is vintage, contemporary, or evergreen in terms of your bespoke home design.

Here are some of the latest marble design trends you should know about:

Biophilic Design

As we enter a new era, the concept of biophilic design is gaining a huge impetus -especially amongst the new-age homeowners and architects. The upcoming years will be all about bringing the exteriors to the interiors with biophilia. For instance, it could include the construction of spa-like sanctuaries featuring intricate murals while combining modernity and vintage. The entire look can be beautifully and functionally completed with the help of bespoke marble installations.

Experts believe that biophilic designs with be the ultimate way forward. It is important to shift the overall focus on unparalleled architecture and design that will beautifully reconnect with nature. The future of residential architecture is in the exteriors. People with minimal spaces will crave for open balconies, terraces, and greener spaces all around. Builders, designers, and clients will prioritize open spaces and balconies more. In this context, mesmerizing designs and murals with composite marble installations will look surreal.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Marble has lately become the all-time favorite for designing stunning kitchen and bathroom countertops for modern homes. The reason it has replaced some of the leading countertop options like granite is that it is aesthetically beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance when compared with other natural variants.

To top it all, when you invest in premium-grade composite marble from a reliable provider like Johnson Marble & Quartz, you get access to a wide range of textures, colors (including white marble and brown marble), and patterns to complement your kitchen or bathroom space. Once you are done with the composite marble countertop installation, it will be aesthetic and functional for several years to come.

Moreover, engineered marble or composite marble are anti-porous. Therefore, they are scratch- and stain-resistant as well. The anti-porosity feature of these artificial marble variants makes them anti-microbial as well.

Aesthetic Bath Interiors

Marble is undeniably resistant and timeless. It is a beautiful material that is available in a myriad of stunning colors, vein-like patterns, and markings all over. It is difficult to spot exactly two marble slabs or surfaces similar to each other. This, in fact, adds to the overall appeal of this architectural material. Marble in bathrooms is utilized for coating floors, walls, sinks, and bathtubs -offering the bathroom space a luxe appearance.

For instance, white marble represents ultimate purity and subtle variance to furnish any bathroom beautifully. Therefore, classic white marble or even brown marble is well-suited for any interior space. Whether you wish to install it in the master bathroom or the powder room, stunning white marble can make it appear appealing and clean. If you wish to innovate the existing design of white marble installation in your home, you can reach out to the extensive collection of composite marble at Johnson Marble & Quartz.

Subtle Shades

As the year approaches its end, people now envision the upcoming year to be easy and bright. As such, the overall expectations of the mass will lead the interior marble designs to be uplifting and optimistic. It will be achieved with the use of natural, subtle shades on composite marble surfaces.

You would be amazed to observe the interesting hues of green, blue, pink, and others on classic marble design. These colors will add a sense of freshness and vigor in the overall design -making homeowners feel closer to the natural world.

Fluted Finishes

A tactile and visual delight, ribbed finish surfaces for composite marble slabs will offer a contemporary twist to any interior decor -especially the bathroom design. When you make use of delicately ribbed surfaces on cabinets and vanity units in your bathroom, it will deliver subtle interest. At the same time, you can also use subtle marble surfaces on shower doors in combination with vertically-grooved and decorative glass to deliver instant privacy while enabling some light to pass through.

Minimalism and Sustainability

The theory of conscious consumption is going to prevalent in the coming times. The best part is that the all-new concept is going beyond accessories and wardrobes. People prefer selecting long-lasting materials like marble over tiles. Moreover, the minimalist design concept of interiors delivers luxurious views of the judicious use of marble wall cladding and marble flooring -a great treat to your eyes.

Adding Drama

The ongoing pandemic has brought everyone closer to family and friends. Moreover, it has made us realize that the overall joys of life tend to be ephemeral. Adding a dash of intricate beauty and elegance to the interiors will make you feel like celebrating every day. This splash of little joys can be available in the form of some bespoke art installation or a surface including composite marble for additional drama.

Seamless Lighting

Great lighting leads to beautiful homes. In the coming years, our home designs will feature ambient lighting throughout. The divine glow from the backlit marble surfaces will overshadow the most glorious chandeliers or lamps. You can design your home's interiors with spotlights reflecting off dazzling composite marble wall cladding or marble flooring for a charming effect.


Design your home's interiors by following the latest marble home design trends.

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