Marble Flooring Options to Make Your Living Space a Peaceful Heaven

Marble Flooring Options to Make Your Living Space a Peaceful Heaven

Marble stone floors are associated with elegance that will never fade, no matter how old your home gets. Marble is associated with style and versatility and has been used for buildings and monuments for centuries.

Natural veining and patterns in marble provide an air of classic refinement to any bedroom's design. Because of its unparalleled visual appeal, it is a representation of elegance and refinement.

Adding marble flooring to your house might raise its worth considerably. Prospective purchasers often lust for it, which may result in a higher selling price.

Most homeowners are inclined to have marble floors. The main thing that will pop up in your mind when discussing marble stone floors is a floor of white marble.

However, if you want to decorate your home, you need to know that different types of marble flooring options can assist in making your living space look nice.

Here are all the types of marble flooring options

Onyx marble

Onyx marble is different from the other marble kinds because of its beautiful color. This type of marble is rare but available in several colors and sizes, which is going to complement every element that is present in your interior.

Onyx marble stone can be used for countertops, flooring, wall panels, etc. This type of marble can reflect natural light, which is an added reason why you should use it. Around different nooks and corners of the world, onyx marble is being used as table tops.

Mostly used as a versatile flooring option, onyx marble helps in transforming your home into heaven.

Statuario Marble

Statuario marble is a part of the family of white marble and is one of the most stunning marble sorts. It is in high demand globally. The colour of this type of marble is darker, which helps to give a beautiful look to the space.

If making your interiors look first-class is what you need, this is the sort of marble that you may select. Apart from the usage of this marble for flooring, you may also use this for wall panels and counter tops to obtain a sophisticated and elegant appearance.

White marble

A classic marble type that is commonly used for marble flooring is white marble. The simplicity of this type of marble has made it a popular choice for most luxury homes.

This type of marble is known for a contrast of white and dark veins that help boost the beauty of the space they are added to. It is true that maintaining white marble is difficult, but you can hardly go wrong with this choice.

If you want to create a heavenly look, choose white marble.  Not only for floors alternatives, white marble can be used in lavatory and kitchen counter tops. If you're harassed approximately the sort of marble that has to be used on your flooring, white marble is your best bet.

Travertine marble

Travertine marble is a classic flooring choice that will transform your living space into heaven. This marble type is available in different colours, such as earthy tones, soft tones, and sandy tones. If you like a soft but modern look that makes your space look nice, travertine marble is what you should opt for.

Another important benefit of using travertine marble stone is that the presence of lime does not allow the growth of micro organism, making it hygienic. It is important to know that this material can’t be used for kitchen countertops since any type of acid can harm the floor. However, it is an amazing option for your living space floor.

Italian Marble

A high-demand marble, Italian marble is used for more than just flooring options globally. Italian marble helps in elevating the personality of the space, and it is also known for its amazing durability.

Since Italian marble can be easily maintained, homeowners are attracted to it. Most homeowners prefer using Italian marble to any other type of marble because of its looks and the shine it provides. Italian marble can be used for your walls because of its unique and attractive sheen. Using Italian marble is highly recommended for your living space floors.

Emperador Marble

Emperador marble or Spanish marble is available in a light and darkish brown colour with beautiful asymmetrical veins, which make it a perfect flooring option for your living space. Emperador marble has been used in several luxury projects as well, which makes it an ideal option for most architectural and interior designers around the world.

Michelangelo Marble

If you love a minimalistic flooring option that is classic yet elegant, your best bet is Michelangelo marble. Michelangelo marble has a white background with intricate grey veins, which makes it look elegant. In comparison to other materials, this type of marble flooring doesn't require high maintenance. Michelangelo marble can be used for bathrooms, dining kitchens, staircases, etc., apart from flooring options.

Black Marquina Marble

If you are looking for a top flooring option that also aligns with your budget, Black Marquina marble stone is your best choice. It has a beautiful black appearance that helps in adding richness to your living space, making it look like heaven.

Furthermore, the white veins set against the dark background provide a sense of royalty. As per interior designers, this marble should be your best bet.


Choosing the right type of marble for your floor to make your living space look heavenly might be difficult, but not impossible. Marble floors are the best for their aesthetics and should be your first choice when you are selecting the right materials for your living room floor.

Moreover, Marble Floor Options need less maintenance. Maintaining a clean bedroom floor generally just requires routine sweeping and seldom mopping. This guide will surely help you understand the right type of marble to match your preferences and demands.

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