10 Benefits of installing composite quartz countertops

Although Granite has been the preferred choice for customers as far as kitchen countertops are concerned, composite is slowly but steadily taking over this space. However, it makes one ponder about the reason behind composite quartz gaining in popularity over an already established and popular material like granite. Let's take a gander over the benefits which have resulted in the rising popularity of composite quartz for kitchen countertops -


  • 1) Extremely enduring - To say that engineered or composite quartz is durable or enduring is a massive understatement. Thanks to its constituent parts - 90% quartz & 10% resin along with colour pigment, composite quartz is virtually indestructible and not affected by excruciating circumstances like temperature differences and wear-and-tear.
  • 2) No maintenance issues - Usually countertops are notorious for needing high calibre maintenance like waxing or sealing, however with composite quartz, one never has to face this issue. All you need is some soap and water and the composite quartz countertop will shine like it did, when it was first bought! Stains are easily dealt with and you don't have to worry about scrubbing the surface for long periods of time ever again!
  • 3) Various colour options - Composite quartz at the end of the day is a man- made material. Therefore there is always scope to tailor it to specifications based upon personal choice. These specifications include the aspect of colour. You can get composite quartz in virtually any colour or shade you wish for! This enables you to match it with your existing home decor with comfortable ease.
  • 4) Totally non-porous - Composite quartz is engineered in a way that makes its surface extremely smooth and extremely non-porous. This ensures that your composite Quartz Countertops are highly stain resistant and easily cleaned. Thanks to this non-porous nature of composite quartz, even bacteria and germs have a hard time making their way into the surface.
  • 5) Lasts very long - Thanks to its endurance and durability, you won't need to replace due any problems with the surface. You may replace it if you have any specific aesthetic reason for it; otherwise there is no real reason for replacing well engineered composite quartz. If you clean it regularly and it doesn't break due to unforeseen circumstances, then it will last you a lifetime.
  • 6) Various styles - The style or finish of a composite quartz countertop is one of the most crucial details when it comes to home decor and especially kitchen decor. You get to choose from a variety of different finishes like glossy or matte and even styles like leather and marble. As long it suits the existing decor in your kitchen, you can rest be assured that composite quartz countertops will be a really long lasting and aesthetic addition to your kitchen.
  • 7) Pocket friendly - Compared to some materials like Granite and Marble, composite quartz is far for economically viable. Granite and Marble slabs require more maintenance than quartz, which again escalates costs from time to time. So aside from being cheaper to buy, composite quartz is also cheaper to maintain.
  • 8) Environmentally friendly - Since composite quartz is made of 90% natural quartz, it can be easily recycled and reused. Also, thanks to its long life (an average of 40 years); composite quartz doesn't particularly have a negative impact on the Earth.
  • 9) Marvellous applications - Composite quartz slabs can be used for many different decor applications like floors, shower walls, backsplashes, window and door sils etc. If you wish for a uniform look for your home wherein the same material appears in different settings and application, then composite quartz is the material to buy.
  • 10) Uniform surface - Since natural materials have differences in textures and colours, they more often than not hamper the aesthetic or design element of home decor. However, composite materials like composite quartz can be tailor made to specifications and therefore have uniformity in colours and textures, making for a choice for home decor.

Thanks to all of these amazing properties of composite quartz, its popularity is slowly but surely rising. Johnson Marble & Quartz has a wide range of amazing options for composite quartz that are aesthetically and structurally marvellous. You can easily create beautiful home decor by utilizing them.

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