Identifying Genuine Marble for Home Applications

Do you wish to design a spectacular, functional space for your house? While designing any home space, the surfaces remain the primary focus of all homeowners. A well-designed home serves multiple purposes.

Stone-based corners are indeed regarded as one of the most important aspects of any home design. These surfaces have the ability to boost the existing aesthetics of your otherwise dull space. In addition to aesthetics, marble or stone surfaces deliver a wide range of functionalities to enhance your experience. For instance, you can use the specialized corners to hold all home essentials.

Identifying Genuine Marble for Home Applications

Choosing the Right Material for Home Appliances

While designing the perfect home-based slab, it is imperative for you to pay attention to the selection of the right material. Out of all the available options, marble stone serves to be a better option than its counterparts -stone or granite.

Marble is one such material that brings about a century-old elegance and immense functionality to any surface. There is something unique and charming about marble stone for home-based surfaces that make homeowners choose this material over other available options. In addition to home spaces, marble has enhanced the grace of buildings, castles, and even commercial buildings for several years. Nowadays, marble is extensively used for furnishing, decor, and other functional applications.

If you think of installing marble kitchen floors, it is imperative for you to choose the original one out of the fake one. It is because there is a myriad of fake-quality products in the name of marble out there. The installation of fake or poor-quality marble slabs can hamper the design or functionality of your kitchen space. Therefore, you should be capable of identifying the genuine marble stone from the fake one to ensure a beautiful and functional home or kitchen marble design.

Identifying a Genuine Marble Stone for Your Home

There are several materials out there that mimic the overall appearance of marble. While there is nothing wrong with man-made or composite marble for your home design, still if you wish to install authentic marble surfaces, you should identify them. Here are some points to consider:


When you choose engineered kitchen slab marble material at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can come across a huge variety in terms of colors and interesting patterns. You can choose from a huge spectrum of colors -ranging from white to beige, brown, grey, and so more. While the color of composite marble surfaces might vary from white to black, the natural marble stone is available in subtle shades of coloration rather than stark hues.

Marble that remains free of flaws or impurities will usually appear as solid white surfaces. Multiple layers in limestone, along with integrations with other minerals that occur naturally, can create interesting colors like pink, green, yellow, bluish, and cream coloration. Stark and bright hues like orange, turquoise, and black imply man-made composite marble surfaces.


The presence of swirls and veins in most marble slabs or pieces occurs when multiple mineral impurities tend to mix with original limestone. From classic blue, red, and violet veins to discrete white or cream veins, natural and pure marble will reveal its impurities in the form of elongated sinewy veins or streaks.

When it comes to selecting kitchen slab granite for flooring or other applications, it also offers a similar color variation. However, the secondary coloration in materials like granite will appear more cloudy than proper streaks. In some cases, it might also depict a 'salt and pepper' appearance. When marble is manufactured artificially to serve as kitchen marble surfaces, it can effectively imitate the veined, swirled appearance. However, it might lack the overall depth and dimension like in case of natural marble veining.

The Sheen and Shine

The overall glossiness and shine of true, natural marble are the most desirable and distinguishable characteristics. In most cases, these characteristics cannot be sustainably imitated. Most of the synthetic stone materials incorporate glass and several other materials that are finely-crushed with a high sheen to deliver the gloss-like effect.

However, upon leveraging premium-grade composite marble material from Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can expect the best-ever, natural-like shine and glossiness throughout. Alternatively, most homeowners also think of using marble polish to ensure that the surface of the stone is in its cleanest and purest state.


As a homeowner, you would prefer installing natural marble stone as your home slabs. However, if you wish to achieve improved durability, variety, and functionality, composite marble slabs at Johnson Marble & Quartz can be your perfect pick. These not only imitate the appearance of natural marble stone, but also help in improving the aesthetics of the existing space. Make sure that you pick the best grade of marble surfaces that fit your unique needs.

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