How Can Interiors Designs Be Made Green with Composite marble stone?

Environmental and ecological awareness is making its way into interior design to a greater extent. Therefore, nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners and designers are shifting their attention to green and sustainable interior designs that inspire. Whether you use eco-friendly products or minimize your carbon footprint with the help of nature-friendly decor materials like engineered stone, there are several long-term benefits of an eco-friendly green home design.


What is Green Interior Design?

Green interior design or eco-design is based on the principle that aims at identifying the environmental impact of a specific product or service across all possible life cycles while minimizing the negative effects of the same on the entire ecosystem.

When we apply the principle to our home design, the concept of eco-design helps in the creation of a natural and sustainable home environment with elegant and refined finishes by using recycled or eco-friendly products like composite stone, wooden materials, and so more.

How to Achieve a Green Interior Design for Your Home?

Sustainability through the use of green or eco-friendly methods or products helps in eliminating negative effects on the surrounding environment. The use of sustainable practices while designing your home décor can minimize your carbon footprint on the planet as well. Therefore, it is recommended to procure products from environment-friendly sources. For instance, you can access top-grade, eco-friendly composite marble surfaces or slabs from Johnson Marble & Quartz -a leading marble shop to help you with a green interior design.

You can follow some easy, effective ways to adopt the notion of a green, eco-friendly, and sustainable home design.

Use Natural Fabrics

It is recommended to use organic and natural fabrics -for instance, for curtains, bedding, bath lines, and so more. In the range of sustainable furnishing, you can come across natural, eco-friendly materials for upholstery. You can search for sofa or furniture covers made out of cotton and linen fabrics. Moreover, you can also choose fabrics that can be removed and washed effectively to be reused across furniture of the house.

Some of the common examples of natural fibers are linen and cotton. In most cases, these are grown free of artificial fertilizers or pesticides and spun without the use of chemicals. Therefore, you get access to a fabric that is natural -both for the planet and your overall health. In some cases, organic wool is also used that is free from environmentally-toxic bleaches.

Ensure Flexibility and Durability in Design with Composite marble

It is important to consider the overall lifespan of materials while planning out the interior design elements of your home. This helps in minimizing the chances of discarding materials or products quite too often. It is especially true in terms of materials that are prone to common wear & tear. The goal of your home’s interior design should be to create timeless, sustainable spaces.

If you are looking forward to bringing ample durability in different elements of your home design like surfaces, installing eco-friendly stone across spaces is a great choice. For instance, you can think of installing eco-friendly engineered marble stone across bathroom and kitchen countertops, bathroom shower panels, vanity tops, backsplashes, wall cladding, and even floors. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, composite marble surfaces are highly durable and low-maintenance as well. Therefore, you can retain them in your home design for a longer period of time without creating unnecessary waste.

Minimize Environmental Impact with engineered stone

Products and materials with the lowest environmental impacts are regarded as the most crucial picks from the sustainability point of view. You should pay regard to ensuring responsible treatment of the available resources for home design. For instance, you can think of using organic materials -like engineered stone, wood, or metal for conscious living.

At the same time, to promote the notion of sustainable living, you can choose renewable materials like bamboo that is extracted responsibly. The overall evaluation of the products and materials throughout the life cycle should take place at different levels -right from procuring raw materials to production, processing, and transportation.

Ensuring a Healthy Eco-System Design

During the ongoing pandemic times, people have stayed indoors most of the time. There are several factors to look into while designing an eco-system environment within your home. Some of these are interior air quality, lighting, acoustics, ventilation, and heating.

Materials and products depicting higher levels of toxic emissions serve as the primary source of indoor pollution. For instance, equipment or furniture treated with harmful chemicals are known to release dangerous toxins into the indoor air. It is the duty of the designers and homeowners to choose the right material for home design. Materials featuring low emissions like composite marble or wood are more preferable as far as the indoor air quality is concerned.

Plants are also a great source when you wish to ensure proper air circulation to keep the interiors fresh and toxin-free. Plants also serve as natural air filters. Therefore, you can bring home essential eco-friendly elements that minimize pollution levels in the interior design.

Use Decorative Elements Evoking Nature

Ornaments or design elements that evoke nature will bring you quite closer to the nature itself. For instance, you can use composite marble surfaces across different corners of the home design. Composite marble depicts an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative of natural marble for a green home design. As the process of procuring natural marble stone puts a lot of strain on the environment, you can think of using composite marble surfaces that are produced using eco-friendly methods.


The advent of the pandemic made us closer to our home environment. Moreover, the latest interior trends keep the occupants have the feel of the outside while being inside. As you remain indoors most of the time, the creation of a sustainable home interior will require ample knowledge as well as attention to detail of the best eco-friendly practices. It will not serve as a positive move in the context of our planet’s health, but will also help in creating a sustainable, livable space in the long run. 

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