The future of Quartz stone in interior Design

As quartz continues growing in the overall popularity amongst consumers and the design community, what is the future of quartz stone in interior design?


Interior designs have the power to make spaces increasingly compelling while amplifying the overall experiences of living in them. Living in a space with impressive interiors not only improve your overall space while also significantly affecting the mood of individuals. In the modern era, with people working from home quite often, interiors have a major role in keeping individuals calm as well as tranquil while going through stressful hours of the day.

As far as interiors are concerned -right from kitchen countertops to bathroom walls, backsplashes and so more, composite quartz is gaining impetus as a leading material for bespoke interior design. Since the advent of quartz stone in the home improvement market during the 70s, premium engineered quartz surfaces are high in demand by both designers and customers as they feature intrinsic designs and minimal maintenance.

What is the Future of Quartz Stone?

Composite quartz surfaces are one of the leading materials out there. With its unique set of properties, it is one of the most useful natural surfaces. The future of composite quartz market is booming at a rapid speed with the latest design trends to make your interior spaces appear perfect with the glazing and stunning experience.

It is regarded that quartz stone is a natural substance that has a resemblance to marble. You will get veins and variations that draw the attention of homeowners and designers alike. Composite marble surfaces like quartz kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and vanity tops impart a contemporary and classy look -with improved durability.

As natural granites are cut directly from the earth, engineered or composite quartz surfaces are produced by combining around 90 percent of natural quartz with around 10 percent of pigments and polyresin. The percentages might vary depending on the specific brand producing composite quartz. For instance, Johnson Marble & Quartz -a pioneering brand delivering access to top-quality composite quartz can be trusted for your interiors featuring bespoke quartz surfaces all around.

Understanding Future Trends of Quartz Stone in Interior Design

For past several years, marble and granite were leading materials for designing countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and other aspects of interior design. However, homeowners started experiencing various disadvantages of natural stone surfaces like porosity, prone to staining, scratching, and a proper maintenance routine. On the other hand, with high-end engineered quartz surfaces, homeowners started experiencing a wide range of benefits like non-porosity, scratch-resistance, stain-resistance, durability, unlimited patterns & colors, environment-friendly, and others.

Therefore, due to its immense scope of potential benefits, it can be said that the future of quartz stone in interior design is impressive and promising. Right from bathroom vanity tops to kitchen quartz countertops and backsplashes, quartz surfaces continue serving as one of the most commonly used materials.

Current & Future Scope of Composite Quartz Stone for Interior Design

The current as well as future scope of any industry is lately influenced by the overall impact of the global pandemic. The interior design industry serves to be one of them. The entire interior design industry is known to predominantly depend on the work executed on proper sites -including both commercial as well as residential interiors. It led to comprehensive industry-specific operations and logistics coming to a halt during the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, it has affected the ongoing trends for any major interior renovation or any type of new project.

During subsequent lockdowns at the time of the pandemic, all of us had ample time to sit back at home and ponder over life in general. This undoubtedly made us explore our home spaces even more while thinking of interior renovations. While planning about such changes, it is important to know about the latest interior design trends and the major materials used in the process.

The quartz stone surfaces -like white quart stone, back quartz, and others, have lately become the smartest choice for commercial designers and homeowners alike. Engineered or composite quartz stone is an artificial product that is available in distinctive colors and patterns to suite every home corner and customer preference. From white quartz stone to black quartz, Johnson Marble & Quartz strives to offer every home the much-needed elegance as well as charm to never go out of style. Therefore, it can be said that the latest quartz stone trends will not go out of fashion any time soon.

Quartz Stone for Homeowners and Designers

Composite quartz from leading producers like Johnson Marble & Quartz features a strong image due to its exceptional properties -including mold-resistance, maintenance-free, strength, stain-resistance, and durability. All of these features add to the use of composite quartz to your kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas for customized interior decor. Therefore, engineered quartz serves to be an ideal option for both designers and homeowners in comparison to traditional marble and granite surfaces.

Quartz Stone is rapidly becoming trendy amongst both homeowners and designers due to its distinct properties. You can also expect new trends with respect to the overall colors, textures, and patterns of the engineered stone material. While solid white quartz continues being the latest trend in the interior design market as far as quartz kitchen countertops are concerned, there is still demand for other hues like black, green, brown, and others.

The darker shades and veined quartz are also gaining immense impetus in the range of attractive composite quartz. Most homeowners and designers are also seeking gray and black shades of composite quartz stone for kitchen countertops with contrasting cabinets. These shades can be used for bathroom vanities as well for perfectly brightening up the available spaces and creating a perfectly glazing experience.


Composite quartz stones have been storming the interior design market for multiple reasons. Therefore, it will serve as the future of bathroom vanity and kitchen countertop decor. You can think of installing premium-grade composite quartz from leading providers like Johnson Marble & Quartz. Here, you will get access to a plethora of design and texture options for composite quartz for different corners of the house.

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