Trends in Quartz Countertops, 2023


Do you like to create the best layout for your kitchen? Perhaps, no kitchen layout plan is successful without considering a countertop. You might have come across different materials for countertops. Today, quartz countertops have become a highly popular choice. The best quartz countertop matches the atmosphere and mood of the overall space. However, not every homeowner prefers a classic design for the countertop. So, let us have a glance at the latest quartz countertop trends. You can upgrade your kitchen and bathroom quartz countertops. Professional designers can also give you new ideas for a custom- designed quartz countertop design.

Quartz for the surface of the countertop

If you are looking for the best alternative to granite, you can invest in engineered quartz stones. Quartz is better than natural stones for designing your countertop. Although marble and granite stones have dominated the countertop industry, composite stones provide incredible benefits. Quartz has gained attention in recent years due to its distinctive qualities. The stain-resistant quartz countertop surface retains its beauty for years.

Honed quartz for countertops

There are different options for finishes when you look for kitchen countertops. Traditionally, people used to depend on polished quartz countertops. However, in recent years, tactile and textured designs have won the heart of consumers. Many modern homeowners have invested in honed quartz countertops to have a matte finish. You can hide scratches and flaws with the honed quartz surface. Thus, it lets you preserve the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Honed finish quartz countertops have a subtler and softer sheen. You can invest in quartz models if you want to develop a less formal appearance. The honed finish ensures no imperfections and bumps on the surface. Moreover, an engineered quartz countertop with a honed finish reflects the qualities of natural stones.

Creating a perfect combination of quartz backsplash and countertop

A backsplash is one of the significant parts of every modern kitchen layout. It not only uplifts kitchen aesthetics but also ensures protection from damage. Indeed, you have multiple options for choosing backsplash materials like ceramic tiles and cement. However, quartz backsplashes add uniqueness to the overall space. You can create a highly harmonious look if you have installed quartz countertops.

It is also better to match the quartz kitchen countertop colour with the backsplash colour. As the countertop and the backsplash are closely related, you can pick the same shade to maintain consistency.

Quartz for the outdoor kitchen countertop-

When you consider investing in a kitchen countertop, you want to install it in your house. No matter whether you have a traditional or open kitchen, you will benefit from the countertop. However, with the evolving kitchen design, you can find new trends in countertop installation.

Some consumers think of installing countertops for their outdoor kitchen. The best fact is that you can use quartz for both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Quartz not only has an aesthetic value but also has excellent physical properties. However, ordinary quartz does not last long if you have used it for your outdoor countertop. Exposure to intense sunlight may damage the stone. Sunrays may cause the resin of the stone to fade away. That is why you should be careful while choosing quartz stones for your outdoor kitchen countertops.

Hexagonal and rectangular shapes for your quartz kitchen countertops-

The hexagonal shape is the right choice for those who like to make optimal use of the countertop surface. For instance, a white quartz countertop with golden patches can create an amazing look. Make your kitchen more eye-catching by installing hexagonal countertops. Another interesting trend is to build a rectangular quartz countertop. If your kitchen has a space constraint, the rectangular model is the right choice. Your kitchen will appear more elegant with this countertop design.

Quartz countertop with a narrower design-

Some homeowners prefer the trend of creating a kitchen-cum-dining space. So, they need to install a space-saving countertop to serve their purpose.

You can buy a narrower design if you have chosen a quartz countertop for this layout. Ensure that your countertop has a thicker base. It is a perfect choice for those who have a rented house.

Quartz for your kitchen wall and countertop-

Your cooking space is the most important part of your house. So, you can create a pleasurable and attractive design for your kitchen. Have you ever thought of using quartz for both the accent wall and the countertop? You can try out this trend during your renovation project. Cover the full space only with quartz. Although it may be costly, you can notice uniqueness.

Match your kitchen cabinet with your countertop-

A well-matched kitchen design can easily attract your attention. Make the overall setup more delightful by creating a perfect match of the countertop and the cabinet. Quartz countertops and cabinets are the best choices for kitchens in small apartments. As the stone is available in various designs, you will find the best one for your room.

White quartz countertops with grey strokes

If you desire a highly sophisticated design for your kitchen, you can choose this trend. You can also find it in some office canteens. Pure white quartz surface with grey strokes will develop a beautiful look.

Quartz countertop of multiple colours-

Do you love intricacy of a quartz countertop? Some countertops are available with multiple features and colour options. If a single piece shows different colours, it will surely be amazing. It will look like art when white, black, and yellow blend together on your quartz countertop.

Monochromatic quartz countertop-

Not all homeowners like to play with colours. They can choose a monochromatic countertop surface. The black and white combination will create a classic style for your countertop. The monochromatic colour scheme is also suitable for those who prefer minimalism. Although it involves neutral shades, your kitchen will look attractive.

These are some emerging trends for quartz kitchen countertops. You can think of several other countertop designs and use quartz intelligently.

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