Premium Quartz Countertops ideas in India for 2023

Quartz Countertops are regarded as the most functional and beautiful upgrade to any home design. When you opt for premium-grade engineered quartz countertop, you will get the option to choose from a wide range of colors -including earthly tones, creams, beiges, and so more. Most of them also feature unique veins and patterns to make them highly attractive and leading options for countertops across different areas of your home.


Quartz countertops -as the name implies, are not solid slabs of natural quartz material. Rather, they are high-quality engineered slabs that feature around 95 percent quartz along with other elements. They feature pulverized stone-like ingredients as well as minerals combined with polymer resins for binding and hardness. 

One of the latest and the best range of man-made countertop materials, Composite quartz countertops have gained immense popularity due to the overall durability while imparting a natural stone-like appearance. There are several ways in which you can use premium quartz countertops across your home to enhance the overall aesthetics.

Quartz Countertops Available in a Wide Range of Styles and Colors

The involvement of quartz crystals, granite, waste marble, and other types of natural minerals offers quartz countertops organic texture for competing with all types of natural stone materials in the overall look & feel. As they are engineered countertop slabs, quartz countertops in a wide range of styles and colors. They can also be customized in any shape and size. 

Most of the engineered quartz countertops appear just like marble as they are designed by infusing convincing and attractive veining throughout. For instance, white quartz kitchen countertops with bluish, greyish, or black veins can be easily mistaken for the installation of natural black marble. However, engineered quartz stone for kitchen delivers more durability and aesthetics. 

Top Ways to Use Quartz Countertops in Your Home Décor

Cannot get enough of quartz? We completely understand! This contemporary, trendy material for house countertops or worktops is a stylish and functional material for imparting ample durability, low-maintenance, and improved beauty throughout. If you are planning a complete countertop upgrade or edge-to-edge kitchen renovation 2023, here are some innovative ideas for installing quartz countertops in your home design:

Two-toned Classics

If your kitchen or office area features ample space or a larger counter, two-tone quartz countertops like Calacatta Classic by Johnson Marble & Quartz can deliver a highly trendy look. Bring unexpected style and impressive contrast to your existing space by combining two striking varieties of quartz. 

When you pair grays or other attractive neutral tones, ensure that you pay attention to the factor of color temperature. It is because warm & cool hues will usually not complement one another. It is advised that white quartz will typically complement any other lighter hue like gray. 

The Calacatta Classic quartz countertop for your home design features bold veins to create a stunning interior design. The stone elevates the appearance of a white or creamy background with attractive veining throughout. The entire design of the \quartz slab offers a marble-like finish while appearing timeless all the time.

Marble-look Countertops

Marble-look countertops are the most popular and sought-after designs for your kitchens and bathrooms. You can consider installing the delicate marble-like patterns of the classic Cristal Grey or Cristal White engineered quartz slabs from Johnson Marble & Quartz. There are several marble-resembling engineered quartz varieties to inspire your countertop design.

Each of the classic quartz design is engineered to depict the elegant and luxurious appearance of natural marble. You can consider bringing about a timeless character to your entire space by installing premium-grade engineered quartz countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

Faux Concrete

Do you love the concept of concrete countertops for your home design? Whether you are revamping the kitchen or bathroom space, installing concrete-like engineered quartz countertops can impart an instant sense of elegance and long-term durability. If you adore the idea of concrete interiors, but do not wish to handle the overall hassles of installing genuine concrete, quartz is the ultimate solution.

With a wide range of concrete-inspired engineered quartz styles to choose from at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can achieve the durable appearance of concrete with the additional benefits of versatility and durability of engineered quartz. Some of the suitable options with Johnson Marble & Quartz are Stellar Grey Quartz Stone and Carrara White Stone Quartz.

Waterfall Edge

If you have a separate island kitchen or smaller dining area, ensure that it becomes the focal point of the existing space. Quartz countertops featuring a stunning waterfall edge are luxurious and eye-catching. These help in bringing the countertop down on both ends of the island while focusing only on the top. 

With a pure white or brown quartz like Ginger Tan Quartz Stone, you can create a contemporary, sleek, and crisp look throughout. At the same time, it also serves to be a great opportunity to enhance the overall visual impact of the bold quartz while highlighting the same aesthetically. You can simply imagine the effect of the waterfall edge on a striking marble-like pattern. 

Earth Tones

White grey and white kitchens are quite popular, most homeowners continue selecting a warmer color palette in 2023. Warmer neutrals and rustic earth tones -ranging from tan to ivory, help in creating a chic, rich, and inviting interior. 

With engineered quartz, you can complement the overall color scheme with designer countertops in attractive hues like sand, beige, and cream. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, some of the leading options include Ginger Tan, Savoy Beige, Lincoln Beige, and so more.


While engineered quartz materials are created for delivering ample durability, quartz countertops are famous for their beautiful patterns as well as colors that bring the entire interiors together. These countertops will not just be a purchase, but a lifetime investment to keep growing towards delivering consistent returns in the long run.

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