Here's How You Can Use artificial Marble in Unconventional Ways in Your Home

Do you adore the timeless beauty of marble while feeling restricted by limited ways you can use it in your house décor? Well, not anymore! With the advent of high-end trends like artificial marble in different shades, you can now incorporate marble in different areas of your home décor -beyond floors, walls, and countertops. Let us know how!


For the longest time, marble has been regarded as one of the most extravagant materials for executing interior home decoration across the world. Whether you use brown marble or white marble for home décor, you can style your home in various ways to enhance its aesthetics and functionality. Engineered marble is tough, durable, and low-maintenance. Moreover, every slab you purchase is available with unique colors, textures, and patterns to elevate your home décor effortlessly.

Using Composite Marble in Unique Ways for Home Décor

Beautiful composite marble can be executed in a number of ways -especially while designing the interiors of your home. Unconventional ways of ensuring marble décor will improve the style quotient of your home while also contributing to improved home value in the long run.

Composite marble in different colors like beige marble, grey william marble, and others are a great choice for uplifting the décor of your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and other corners of the house. If you wish to utilize composite marble in an unorthodox manner to elevate your home décor, here are some innovative ideas:

Engineered Marble Furniture

Marble furniture is capable of fitting well in a luxury, rustic interior design concept. At the same time, world-class furniture made out of durable engineered marble will also be a great choice for a sustainable and minimalist apartment design.

The market of artificial marble and its applications is filled with a myriad of options to make it possible for you to make the most of this durable and aesthetic material. For instance, you can think of installing stunning marble benches made of either white marble or Grey William marble to be used in the balcony or your home’s hallway.

You can also consider converting a simple marble plinth into a stylish and functional coffee table. The unique patterns of the stone will serve as the focal point of any living room. As you allow your imagination to run wild, you will discover a wide range of opportunities for designing bespoke composite marble furniture for your home décor. For instance, marble-top dining tables are exquisite and heavy. You can choose for a unique look with a polished surface. You can also install classic marble vanities, kitchen islands, marble lamps, bathroom countertops, and baths. A simple marble shelf in your bathroom is a great functional piece that appears clean while delivering a distinctive appeal at the same time.

An Elegant Marble Interior Wall

Is a conventional white plastered wall quite boring for your flat or home? If this is the case, you can think of using a complete slab of marble to serve as the room separator and a classic interior wall.

While this interior design concept can be slightly heavier on your pockets, it will still result in a recognizable, stunning interior. A marble slab that is dual-toned (for instance, a primary color along with some veining in a unique tone running across) will help in adding a polished finish to your living room décor. It will also serve as a great choice for ensuring a separation between the dining room and the kitchen space.

Monolith marble blocks can be several meters in length. These are great choices for ensuring a natural apartment partition.

Artificial Marble & Wood Combination

Multiple furniture pieces and decorative items bring together the coziness of artificial marble and warmth of wood. Bespoke interior design is mostly about interesting contrasts. Marble and wood are distinctive materials that work well together. Wood and marble are two great materials for extravagant interior design.

Both the materials impart a natural touch and are uniquely textured. One of the best instances of blending these two materials together is by installing a designer dining table featuring a lavish composite marble top and wooden legs. As you bring into effective wrought iron, it helps in improving the visual appeal of marble or wooden pieces effectively. It serves to be an ornate combination while delivering a rustic, noble feel to the entire décor.

Marble Stair Blocks and Staircase designs

You can think of incorporating an intricate marble block in residential interior design in several unique ways. Sturdy and solid, engineered marble blocks are great in the form of stepping blocks. Marble can also be utilized for finishing off staircase design inside your apartment while imparting a polished look throughout.

If you wish to ensure a grand entrance to your home, you can install readymade composite marble stair risers available at Johnson Marble & Quartz. The brand brings forth its designer QuickStairs range of readymade composite marble stair treads and risers to help you obtain premium-grade alternative to natural marble stairs (prone to slipping). In addition to the overall durability, you can also get the assurance of extravagance and improved aesthetics all around.

Composite Marble Balcony Countertop

Architects and interior designers realize the significance of functional solutions for the balcony of your house. While the balcony area of any house is easily ignored, it is still capable of turning into a favorite part of your house. For instance, a composite marble countertop balcony delivers multi-functional solutions to your entire home décor.

You can use the countertop for preparing or setting meals outdoors. You can also use the slab to enjoy your morning coffee or your favorite drink in the calmness of the balcony area. You can look forward to arranging flowers and a small-sized urban garden on the countertop.


Knowing how to make use of engineered marble in your home décor can be a great part of the designing process. You can leverage premium-quality composite marble surfaces and slabs for interior décor from Johnson Marble & Quartz.

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