Difference Between Quartz & Marble Effect

Difference Between Quartz & Marble Effect

Marble and quartz are commonly used stones to beautify bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Both these stones are elegant and have an aesthetic effect. However, though they appear similar, you can notice some differences. While choosing between marble and quartz, you have to focus on factors like durability, pattern consistency, and maintenance needs. Let us now see how quartz & marble differ from each other.

Differences in the appearance of marble and quartz

The major factor differentiating these stones is that quartz is an artificial stone, while marble is natural. But, today, engineered marble stones have gained high popularity.

A quartz stone comprises mainly ground quartz and a small proportion of other synthetic materials. As quartz is a factory-produced stone, it has a more uniform look. It is to be noted that quartzite has some similarities with quartz.

When you buy quartz for your countertop, you can check every slab. You will find it perfect for your home. But, if you see natural marble slabs, you will notice some inconsistencies in different slabs. So, composite marble can be the best alternative to serve your purpose.

There are several patterns and colour options for quartz buyers. No doubt, marble also looks more striking than other stones. For instance, a white marble stone with beautiful veined patterns accentuates your house's aesthetic value. However, the delicate natural marble will show aging signs over time. You will find patina and scratches on the surface. To avoid these issues, you can invest in engineered marble.

The durability of marble and quartz

You might have noticed that natural marble stones have porosity. That is why they can soak up oil and other liquids. Due to high porosity, they also attract bacteria and dirt. But quartz is not porous because it is an artificial stone. If you are looking for the best alternative to quartz, engineered marble is your solution.

The composite marble has no porosity. So, it is resistant to discolouration, grease, and stains. But, while using natural marble countertops, you should avoid spilling acidic substances on the surface. It is because natural stones have an adverse effect from acidic materials. A chemical reaction with an acidic substance leaves an etching residue on the natural stone’s surface.

If you want a spill-proof solution, engineered marble and quartz stones can be the right choice. Standing water, acidic foods, and oil will not affect the beauty of quartz. Families with messy cooks and kids can choose a quartz or an engineered marble countertop.

When compared to quartz, natural marble stones are softer and have scratches. In contrast, engineered marbles and quartz are resistant to scratches.

So, consider these factors while choosing between marble and quartz stones. Some consumers love marble due to its aesthetics, though they have concerns about its durability. In this case, they can install marble in their guest’s bathroom that is not used frequently. However, engineered marble stones are known for their high longevity. Many homeowners like to use marble stones in their kitchen backsplash as well.

Maintaining needs of marble and quartz stones-

Quartz manufacturers use crushed natural stone and ensure that quartz does not need regular maintenance. Although you should use a safe cleaning agent to treat quartz surfaces, you can avoid applying sealant to polish them.

One advantage of using cultured marble is that it does not need sealing. Manufacturers use a protective gel as the topcoat, which makes the stone non-porous. Still, you should be careful to avoid stains from dyes and food. But, if it is a natural marble stone, professionals recommend sealing the surfaces while installing the countertop. You should seal it every 3 to 6 months. As natural stone has a risk of staining and etching, sealing is important for preventing these issues.

The heat-resistant capacity of quartz and marble-

Quartz stones remain undamaged if the temperature level is not more than 400F. Due to this certain level of heat resistance, they are used for kitchen countertops. These stones also prevent the spread of fire. Still, you should be careful because excess heat will ruin your quartz surface. You can use hot pads or coasters as heat protectors for the surface.

Marble endures a temperature level of up to 480F. However, heat-resistant capacity varies depending on the types of marbles you have chosen. You should not place your hot items directly on marble and quartz.

UV resistance

You can use marble in indoor and outdoor spaces no matter whether it receives sun rays. There is no risk of fading colours. But you should not use quartz for outdoor sites because resins may react to UV rays. The colour will fade over time if you leave this stone under the sun. As quartz has a pigmented surface, UV rays will adversely affect them.

Marble and quartz with various textures and colour choices-

Engineered quartz stones are available in various patterns, textures, and colours, such as beige, grey, white, blue, red, yellow, and pearl. These stones have a smooth surface because they are made from finely ground natural quartz. However, there are also speckled stones with coarsely ground quartz.

Similarly, composite marbles are found in amazing colours. You can select a matte or glossy finish depending on your preference. Whether your home interior style is traditional, retro, or modern, both these stones can be an ideal choice.


You have now understood how marble is different from quartz. Both these stones have some pros and cons. Consumers looking for maintenance-free stones can buy composite quartz or engineered marble. But natural marbles need to be resealed every few months. On the other hand, composite marble stones have gained attention with their stain-resistant and etching-resistant capacity.

Whether you want to manufacture a countertop or other household items, you should evaluate marble and quartz. Of course, there is a difference in the cost of these stones. As the engineered marble and quartz are available in various colours, you can find them perfect for modern home interiors.

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