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Have you thought of transforming your home by installing marble stones in different places? Choosing the right coloured engineered stones is important for improving the aesthetic value of your home. While some homeowners prefer light-coloured marble, others look for a dark tone. However, brown marble has gained popularity in recent years. This dark-hued stone can add charm to the overall ambience of the room. You can use this stone colour for various places in your house.

What are the uses of brown marble stones?

Brown stones have a range of applications.

brown marble flooring

Whether it is the living room of your residential house or public office building, you can choose a brown stone for flooring. A big living room will look more graceful if you have installed brown coloured marble. Of course, there should be a colour balance between your walls and floors. These durable, dark-hued stones are easy to clean and save your effort. You can also make the overall environment more inviting with dark stone flooring. When your guests enter your room, they will have a welcoming feel. If it is a big room, you can reduce the sense of emptiness with the dark brown stone.

brown marble in kitchen countertops-

Your kitchen countertop is another place where you can install marble stones with brown hues. These stain-resistant engineered brown stones are stain-resistant. So, the surface is easy to clean if you have spilled oil or other liquids on it. Moreover, your kitchen will have a dramatic look with a brown countertop. Fingerprints and dirt will not be visible as brown is a dark colour. Besides, the presence of a brown tone will create a rustic touch. You can also use the brown shade for other parts of your kitchen. For instance, a brown accent wall will produce an awe-inspiring look.

brown marble in bathrooms

Brown stones are a good choice for your modern and country-style bathrooms. These engineered marble stones will not scratch or chip easily. So, you will get lasting value from these stones.

There are various ways to make your bathroom more impressive. You can choose brown composite stones for your shower trays, washbasins, and bathtubs. These stones will provide a more practical and refined solution for your bathroom. So, if you want to renovate your bathroom, you may replace the light-toned stones with dark brown ones.

Many luxury bathrooms also have brown tones to create a highly distinguished look. A calm and serene bathroom beautified with stones really appears sophisticated.

Besides, you can use marble for countertops and walls for your bathroom. Combining brown with another stone shade is also better to develop a good colour scheme.


A beautiful brown or dark-coloured marble fireplace can transform the overall look of your home interior. Marble mantelpieces are often bigger than traditional wooden ones. Make sure that there is enough space to install the fireplace and avoid overcrowding the room. As marble is fire-resistant, using this material for the mantle is safe. A marble stone with a brown tone will create a luxurious feel. It can also become the centerpiece for your room.  However, brown stones are available in dark and light shades. Choose the right shade for your marble stone and create an attractive colour combination for your room.

brown marble for walls

If you dream of creating a modern-day living room, marble is the right choice. Wall panelling with brown marble stones make your room more luxurious. You can add some depth and texture to your room. As marble is available in various finishes, you will find the best wall option. Whether it is wall cladding, backsplash, or accent wall, you can go for brown composite marble.

Brown stones for walls are also good for rooms with wooden tables or other wooden furniture. You may match brown stones with white marble or other neutral-coloured stones. Some Indians also choose these brown composite stones for the walls of their puja rooms.

Marble in Stairs-

Marble stairs in a residential or commercial house create warm, cosy feelings. While considering dark stones, you think of black colour. But, if you want to make your stairs unique, you may invest in brown stones. Marble is best for stair treads, risers, treads, and bannisters. You can stick to brown for all these parts of the stairs. However, some homeowners like to create a dual-toned design. It means brown stones can be combined with off-white or other neutral-coloured stones. Glossy marble with a veined pattern adds a level of aesthetics to your staircases. So, your stairs will become an eye-catching part of your home interior.


The use of brown composite stones is not limited to indoor space. You can use these stones for outdoor sites, such as your garden. Create a geometric pattern or a winding path in the garden using brown-coloured stones. Besides, a brown garden wall made of stones can become a focal point in the area.

Some people like to use marble to create seats or benches in outdoor spaces. This stone is easy to clean, so you can purchase it for various applications. Marble used for a small area in your garden can make a big difference in the overall zone.

Why do many people invest in brown-coloured marble?

Aesthetically pleasing engineered marble with brown shades has drawn the attention of several consumers. You can buy these beautiful stones at an affordable rate. Of course, colour does not affect the durability of the stones. These brown stones are as durable as the stones of other shades. The brown is a dark shade, so it does not make the dirt prominent.  However, the major reason for choosing the brown-coloured stone is that it makes you feel the touch of earthiness. So, if you like a rustic look to beautify your room, brown-coloured marble is the right choice. Whether you desire traditional or modern settings, this marble colour will be an ideal match. Buy high-quality engineered marble from a reliable manufacturer in India and renovate your house.

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