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Composite Quartz Stone

Enhance the overall beauty and aesthetics brought to your space by our collection of premium-grade composite quartz stone. Composite or engineered quartz is a highly dense product and quite close to natural granite in appearance and functionality. Engineered quartz is resistant to scratches, stains, and cracks. Moreover, it is impervious to cold and heat. The supreme décor material will require minimal maintenance.

If you wish to upgrade existing décor or add a touch of elegance to a newly-designed space, installing composite engineered quartz can yield aesthetic results. In addition to being beautiful, these engineered stone variants are highly functional as well. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can come across an impressive selection of engineered quartz stone catering to the needs for aesthetic décor as well as utility in private or commercial spaces. For more insight into our extensive range of world-class engineered quartz stone, contact our team now!

Composite Quartz Stone Colors

The composite quartz stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz features over 90% natural stone. Therefore, our engineered stone surfaces effectively retain the qualities of the strongest natural stones to be used across a wide range of application areas. The best part is that when you search for the perfect engineered quartz stone for your space, you will come across an array of vibrant colors and shades to soothe your senses.

Some of the interesting color options of composite quartz stone you can choose from are:

3050mm x 1450mm / 3200mm x 1600mm / 3100mm x 800mm

Standard Dimension

15mm / 18mm / 20mm

Standard Thickness

Additionally, there are several more hues to make your pick. While selecting the right composite quartz slab for your application area, it is suggested to look into the overall dimensions and textures as well. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you can be assured of a great selection of sophisticated shades to beautify your space effortlessly.

Composite Quartz Vs. Natural Quartz Stones

Are you in the market searching for premium-grade countertops? You might have to face the decision of choosing between natural quartz stone and composite quartz stone for the kitchen countertops. In its natural state, quartz stone is available as small to large crystals. Once the stone is mined, it is then mixed with human-made or artificial materials like resin. It allows for a cleaner appearance while delivering scratch and stain-resistance to the slab.

When it comes to designing or revamping backsplashes or countertops, quartz stone is the most popular choice. Natural quartz will reveal distinctive patterns. However, the entire surface is porous and will eventually wear off with time.

On the other hand, as we apply specific methods and resins to make composite quartz stone non-porous, you can expect a wide range of benefits right after its installation. For instance, composite quartz stone is scratch and stain-resistant. Moreover, it is also quite easy to maintain the stone.

Advantages of Artificial Quartz Stones

Unlike natural quartz stones that are cut from pure sandstone, marble, or granite, artificial quartz stones are made out of natural quartz crystals that are held together with the help of a binding resin. Artificial variants will have similar appearances to that of natural counterparts. However, when you purchase premium-class artificial quartz stone from Johnson Marble & Quartz, you will receive a wide range of benefits. Some are:

  • Attractive Surfaces: The engineered quartz material is compressed into slabs having a similar texture and color to natural stone variants. The difference you will observe that the colors in artificial variants are quite uniform. At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you will come across an impressive selection of artificial quartz stones in attractive hues to complement any space.
  • Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: Natural quartz is porous. On the other hand, the surface of artificial stone is polished and does not absorb moisture. Therefore, it is easier to clean the surface with minimal maintenance. The surface is also scratch and stain-resistance.
  • Abundant Options: At Johnson Marble & Quartz, composite quartz stone is available in a wide selection of dimensions, quart colors, finishes, and patterns. Therefore, you will always have something to help you design or revamp an existing space. Some of the leading options available are Zodiac Black, Zodiac Red, Crystal White, and so more.

Uses and Applications of Engineered Quartz Stones

Engineered quartz stones are used across a wide range of application areas in both residential and commercial complexes. For instance, you can think of using the composite quartz stone across areas including kitchen & bathroom countertops, wall cladding, bathroom vanity tops, customized furniture, and even flooring. Get the best premium-class engineered quartz stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz.

FAQs on Composite Marble

Composite quartz stone or engineered or artificial quartz is manufactured out of the combination of quartz aggregate chips, additives, pigments, and a resin binder. Engineered quartz stone slabs and surfaces are available in a wide range of patterns, colors, and finish options.

When it comes to durability, composite quartz stone is the best option. It is because it is stain and scratch-resistant. It is a relatively denser material and is available in a wide range of colors and textures for improved aesthetics.

Due to its advanced features like scratch-resistance, stain-resistance, durability, and non-porosity, composite or engineered quartz stone is the best option for a wide range of application areas.

Quartz is believed to be denser and harder than natural granite. Moreover, when you shop for composite quartz stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz, you get access to a comprehensive range of colors, textures, and finish options.

In general, quartz is believed to be more durable than marble. It is capable of effectively resisting scratches, stains, and bacteria formation. Moreover, it requires minimal care & maintenance.

Composite quartz stone at Johnson Marble & Quartz is 90% natural quartz and around 10% resin, pigments, and other chemicals.

At Johnson Marble & Quartz, you get access to a wide range of quartz stone thicknesses -3050mmX1450mm, 3200mmX1600mm, and 3100mmX800mm.

Yes. Some of the leading options are sand blasting, leather, honed, shot blasting, and so more.

Composite quartz stone can be used in multiple application areas -including kitchen & bathroom countertops, wall cladding, furniture, and flooring.

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