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Adding uniqueness to every space, Johnson Marble & Quartz is a one-stop destination for industry-grade engineered stone of all sizes and scales. Johnson Marble & Quartz is a pioneering name in the distribution of top-class engineered stone for a wide range of applications -ranging from kitchen countertops to fireplaces, bathroom vanities, and so more. We offer one of the most impressive selections of top-quality exotic and world-famous engineered stone slabs across India and beyond.

What is Engineered Stone?

Engineered stone is a composite material that is made out of crushed stone grouped together by some form of adhesive. Engineered or composite stone has a wide range of applications across multiple industry verticals. With respect to kitchen counters, slabs are prepared out of quartz crystals that are bound together with the help of a resin binder. Most quartz is designed featuring a ratio of around 93 percent of crushed stone to 7 percent of pigmentation and resin.

Engineered stone features a similar appearance to that of natural stone. The only difference is that engineered stone tends to be more uniform in pattern and color throughout. Natural stone will feature multiple variations in patterns, hues, and colors. As engineered marble or quartz is prepared artificially, the appearance of every marble slab will be the same with minimal variations.

Our Products

Johnson engineered stone products are undisputedly the most versatile and practical building material; truly nature redefined.



Regal White Marble

Regal White

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Giallo Plus Marble

Giallo Plus

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Royal Marfil Marble

Royal Marfil

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Regal Beige Marble

Regal Beige

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Light Empredor Marble

Light Empredor

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French Brown Marble

French Brown

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Atlanta Marble


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Arizona Marble


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Rio White Marble

Rio White

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Snow Flakes Plus Marble

Snow Flakes Plus

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Grey William Marble

Grey William

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Bianco Thassos Marble

Bianco Thassos

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Bianco Althea Marble

Bianco Althea

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Elegance Alaska Marble

Elegance Alaska

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Elegance Polaris Marble

Elegance Polaris

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Iced White Quartz

Iced White

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Zodiac White Quartz

Zodiac White

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Zodiac Costa Maple Quartz

Zodiac Costa Maple

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Zodiac Black Quartz

Zodiac Black

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Zodiac Light Red Quartz

Zodiac Light Red

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Zodiac Dark Red Quartz

Zodiac Dark Red

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Zodiac Grey Quartz

Zodiac Grey

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Zodiac Light Blue Quartz

Zodiac Light Blue

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Zodiac Light Brown Quartz

Zodiac Light Brown

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Zodiac Antartica Quartz

Zodiac Antartica

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Zodiac Yellow Quartz

Zodiac Yellow

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Zodiac Aqua Green Quartz

Zodiac Aqua Green

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Sandstone White Quartz

Sandstone White

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Sandstone Beige Quartz

Sandstone Beige

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Ginger Tan Quartz

Ginger Tan

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Stellar Grey Quartz

Stellar Grey

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Jet Black Quartz

Jet Black

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Cristal White Quartz

Cristal White

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Cristal Grey Quartz

Cristal Grey

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Barsha Pearl Quartz

Barsha Pearl

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Bianco Carrara Quartz

Bianco Carrara

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Riviera Quartz


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Glacier White Quartz

Glacier White

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Carrara White Quartz

Carrara White

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Carrara Blanco Quartz

Carrara Blanco

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Carrara Dark Night Quartz

Carrara Dark Night

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Carrara Cashmere Quartz

Carrara Cashmere

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Calacatta Classic Quartz

Calacatta Classic

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Nero Marquina Quartz

Nero Marquina

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Galaxy White Quartz

Galaxy White

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Galaxy Black Quartz

Galaxy Black

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Galaxy Grey Quartz

Galaxy Grey

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Galaxy Mocha Brown Quartz

Galaxy Mocha Brown

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Galaxy Toffee Brown Quartz

Galaxy Toffee Brown

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Galaxy Beige Quartz

Galaxy Beige

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Derby White Quartz

Derby White

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Oxford White Quartz

Oxford White

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Lincoln Beige Quartz

Lincoln Beige

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Savoy Beige Quartz

Savoy Beige

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Victorian Brown Quartz

Victorian Brown

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Manchester Brown Quartz

Manchester Brown

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Brentwood Grey Quartz

Brentwood Grey

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Durham Grey Quartz

Durham Grey

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Beauty of natural stone untouched by germs. Presenting Topshield, India's 1st germ free Quartz kitchen countertops.

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Johnson Readymade Products offers the consumers an affordable alternative to natural marble, while maintaining a greater level of color consistency & strength.

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Johnson Marble & Quartz, a range of engineered stones, present ELEMENTE′ - the everlasting design expressions of mosaic captured in engineered stone.

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Advantages of Engineered Stone

Engineered stones possess benefits that might not be available with natural counterparts. Some of the benefits of using engineered stone for your next home decor project are:


Engineered stone countertops are highly attractive


Engineered stone counters wear quite well


It is easier to clean the surfaces made out of composite stone


Surfaces will not stain easily


You get access to a myriad of options -ranging from colors to patterns, designs, styles

Use & Applications of Engineered Stone

Engineered stones are created by combining around 93 percent natural stone material with 7 percent enhanced pigments, polymer resins, and aggregates. The process imparts a stunning stone surface with excellent stain, heat, chip, and scratch resistance. Therefore, composite stone finds its applications in multiple areas including:

Why Choose Johnson Marble & Quartz?

Engineered stone surfaces by Johnson Marble & Quartz are designed to elevate living. With a blend of amazing designs, patterns, and colors, we are committed to enriching life experiences. We work with industry experts and excellent trade partners to deliver the highest quality of hard surfaces for any project. You can choose us for:


Reliability of services


100% customer satisfaction


Expert team of interior designers, architects, and fabricators


Several years of industry-relevant experience

Leading Engineered Quartz and Marble Manufacturer

Johnson Marble & Quartz takes pride in being a pioneering manufacturer of world-class engineered marble and quartz hard surfaces. We introduce the innovative range of luxury slabs and other surfaces made out of engineered stone. Our stones or surfaces are available in multiple variations of thickness, finishes, colors, and sizes. We have been awarded with the Esteemed Superbrand Award for the third time in a row.

The place where ideas become a


The brand Johnson Marble & Quartz is a result of our innovative product designs and development initiatives.

natural marble
nature oriented

Nature Oriented

Inspired by the unprecedented beauty of natural marble, the Johnson Marble & Quartz product-line bridges the gap between nature and technology by maintaining the look and feel of natural marble while eliminating all the inherent problems that are prevalent in natural products.

engineered marbles and quartz


Innovation has always run in the veins of H & R Johnson. A determination to push the boundaries, challenge the ordinary and exceed expectations has led to the birth of one of the most revolutionary products – Engineered Marbles and Quartz.

quartz surface
germ free

Germ Free

India’s first and only quartz surface, Top Shield is an invisible layer of Johnson’s patented technology that keeps your kitchen perfectly germ-free.



Johnson is proud to announce the prestigious UL GREENGUARD GOLD Certification and solidifying a vision for sustainable future. We have always been forefront in adopting innovations and eco-friendly alternatives for developing our products.

superbrands award

The Superbrand For Your Super Spaces!

Johnson has received the prestigious Superbrands India Consumer Validated seal 2023 which reinforces that we are the most valuable brand in the mind of consumers across India.


Engineered stone is extremely durable and hard -almost equivalent to granite. When installed properly, engineered stone is less vulnerable to scratches or other damages.

It will vary depending on your specific requirements. Still, you can expect the price to start at 220 INR per square feet.

Engineered stones are stain-resistant.

Engineered stone is a type of composite material designed with crushed stone and bound together by some adhesive.

Engineered stone is a mixture of some natural stone like quartz combined with additives, aggregated pigments, or resin binders.

Engineered stones are cut professionally by dedicated machines.

No. engineered stone is stain-resistant.

Yes. Engineered stone is known for its durability.

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